Rachel Miller: Editor-In-Chief Of Timeless Hairstyles

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is the Editor-in-Chief of TimelessHairstyles.com

Since 2023, Rachel has been responsible for the entire content and editorial production of the website.

Rachel lives in Manhattan Beach, CA. Her expertise is all things hair and helping people find a hairstyle, haircut, and color. She also enjoys connecting with fellow hairstylists.

Prior to starting the website, she was a hairstylist.

Rachel’s Experience

  • Published author
  • Over 17 years of experience in the hair industry.
  • Graduated in 1985 from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in English.
  • Became a licensed cosmetologist and hair designer with the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology in 2008.

Besides trendy hairstyles, cuts and colors, she loves travel, yoga, live music, and a good thriller novel.

You can find Rachel on LinkedInTwitterPinterestQuora, and Reddit.