53 Sexy Twist Braid Hairstyles for 2023

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

Twist braids have become a popular go-to hairstyle for many black women with natural hair. This protective style intertwines two sections of hair to create a twisted, rope-like braid. For those with kinky, coily hair textures, twist braids provide a way to stretch out the hair and prevent tangles and breakage, all without using heat or chemicals. The versatility of twist braids allows for numerous styling options.

Waist Length Twists with Lavender Tips

Enjoy a touch of playfulness with waist length twists that have lavender tips. This twist hairstyle is ideal for those who desire both length and a pop of color. The lavender tips beautifully contrast with darker roots creating an eye catching look. To maintain this style use a shampoo without sulfates. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

#2. Twisted Updo Crown with Rose Gold Accents

Twisted Updo Crown with Rose Gold Accents

Elevate your elegance with an updo crown adorned with rose gold accents. This sophisticated protective style features arranged twisted braids fashioned into an updo. The addition of gold hair jewelry adds an extra layer of refinement to your look making it perfect for special occasions or romantic evenings.

#3. Chunky Havana Twists in Ash Blonde

Chunky Havana Twists in Ash Blonde

Turn heads wherever you go with chunky havana twists in ash blonde. This twist braids hairstyle pairs wonderfully with ash highlights exuding a chic and fashion forward vibe. Achieve an appearance by using Marley hair in the process resulting in a style that showcases confidence and trendsetting flair.

#4. Short Passion Twists with Copper Beads

Short Passion Twists with Copper Beads

For those seeking a shorter twist style embrace the charm of short passion twists embellished with copper beads. The copper beads add a touch that allows you to express your personality effortlessly. This protective style strikes the balance, between practicality and stylishness.

#5. Multi-Color Senegalese Twists in Pastels

Multi Color Senegalese Twists in Pastels

Embrace a pop of color with color senegalese twists in pastel shades. This braided hairstyle lets you experiment with hues from soft pinks to blues. It’s perfect for those who love expressing their personality through colors. Remember to use sulfate free cleansing products to keep the style looking fresh.

#6. Flat-Twisted Halo Crown with Baby Hair

Flat Twisted Halo Crown with Baby Hair

Create a look with a flat twisted halo crown complemented by baby hair framing your face. This twist hairstyle wraps around your head like a halo while the baby hair adds a touch. It’s a choice for special occasions or photoshoots. To keep the baby hair in place apply a hair gel.

#7. Tight Kinky Twists with Shell Accessories

Tight Kinky Twists with Shell Accessories

Achieve a beach appearance by opting for tight kinky twists adorned with shell accessories. These trendy protective twists can be enhanced with decorations creating a natural yet adventurous look. Keep your twists fresh and hydrated, by moisturizing your hair.

#8. Loose Marley Twists in Caramel Brown

Loose Marley Twists in Caramel Brown

I love the casual vibe of loose Marley twists in caramel brown. These twists are not effortless but also great for protecting natural hair. The caramel brown color adds a touch of warmth and depth to your look. Just remember to keep them moisturized regularly to maintain their appearance.

#9. Shoulder-Length Twists with Silver Clasps

Shoulder Length Twists with Silver Clasps

For an elegant twist braids hairstyle I recommend shoulder length twists with silver clasps. This medium length option is adorned with silver clasps that act as beautiful hair accessories. It’s a style that can easily transition from day to night suiting any face shape. To add some shine use oils to maintain this look.

#10. Asymmetrical Twist Braids with Side Undercut

Asymmetrical Twist Braids with Side Undercut

If you’re looking for something unique go for asymmetrical twist braids with a side undercut. This hot twist braid style adds a contrast to the elegant twists with its daring side undercut. It’s a take on the classic box braid and is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Remember to schedule visits with your stylist to keep the undercut looking sharp.

#11. Flat-Twisted Mohawk with Jeweled Cuffs

Flat Twisted Mohawk with Jeweled Cuffs

For those who want an daring look try a flat twisted mohawk, with jeweled cuffs. This braided twist style pulls your hair into a mohawk and embellishes it with jewel encrusted cuffs.

#12. Bob-Length Twists with Ombre Ends

Bob Length Twists with Ombre Ends

Twists at bob length with ombre tips are trendy and sophisticated. This twist hairstyle gives a twist to the classic bob adding depth and personality with ombre colored ends. It’s a choice for those who prefer shorter hair. To preserve the ombre effect use products that protect color.

#13. Two-Strand Twists with Top-Knot Bun

Two Strand Twists with Top Knot Bun

Two strand twists styled in a top knot bun create an refined look. The top knot bun adds a touch of sophistication to this two strand twist style. This hairstyle is ideal for occasions and requires relatively low maintenance. Apply a smoothing serum for added shine and hold.

#14. Curly-End Senegalese Twists in Jet Black

Curly End Senegalese Twists in Jet Black

Senegalese twists with ends in jet black are both fashionable and practical. This twist style offers a variation by incorporating curly ends, into the standard Senegalese twists. Jet black color provides a polished appearance. Regular trims will help maintain the freshness of the curly ends.

#15. Rope Twists with Zig-Zag Parts

Rope Twists with Zig Zag Parts

The rope twist hairstyle with zig partings brings a unique and interesting touch to the classic rope twist. The zig zag partings add a level of complexity to this protective style making it both eye catching and practical. It offers a modern interpretation of the traditional twisted braid. Use a hold gel or styling product to ensure everything stays in place.

#16. Waterfall Twists with Golden Highlights

Waterfall Twists with Golden Highlights

Waterfall twists with highlights gracefully cascade down your back giving you a dreamy and enchanting look. These long twisted braids feature golden highlights that beautifully enhance your facial features. This hairstyle is perfect for those who appreciate a magical quality in their appearance. Keep this look fresh by treating your hair to deep conditioning treatments on a basis.

#17. Pixie-Length Twisted Braids in Auburn

Pixie Length Twisted Braids in Auburn

Embrace the short hair look with pixie length twisted braids in auburn color. This style breathes life into the twisted hairstyle offering a shorter yet stylish version of it. The warm tone of the auburn color adds a vibe that complements any face shape wonderfully. To maintain color choose hair care products specifically formulated for colored hair.

#18. Double-Bun Twisted Updo

Double Bun Twisted Updo

The double bun twisted updo is a playful variation of the classic updo hairstyle. This protective style is suitable for activities while also adding sophistication, for formal events or occasions. To add some style consider using hair jewelry and securing the buns with bobby pins. It’s easy to maintain remember to keep your scalp moisturized.

#19. Red Wine Twisted Box Braids

Red Wine Twisted Box Braids

Experience the indulgence of rich red wine twisted box braids. These braids showcase a twist braids hairstyle in a captivating red wine color. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement as this color melt technique adds an adventurous element. To preserve the hue use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color protection.

#20. Long Layered Twists with Pink Tips

Long Layered Twists with Pink Tips

Layered twists with playful pink tips bring a vibrant burst of color to your twist braids hairstyle. The layers create depth and movement while the pink tips add a touch. For maintaining this twist hairstyle opt for hair products that provide ample moisture to keep the tips vibrant.

#21. Fishtail Twisted Braid in Silver

Fishtail Twisted Braid in Silver

The styled silver fishtail twisted braid offers a futuristic allure. The silver hue beautifully complements the fishtail pattern making it an attention grabbing look. This twist style requires more maintenance; be sure to have suitable styling products on hand.

#22. Side-Parted Twists with Blonde Curls

Side Parted Twists with Blonde Curls

For a look, with added glamour try side parted twists adorned with blonde curls hairstyle.
The side part gives a touch while the blonde curls add a youthful and playful element. To maintain the bounce and definition of those curls use a product specifically made for enhancing curls.

#23. Jumbo Twists in Midnight Blue

Jumbo Twists in Midnight Blue

Immerse yourself in fashion with twists in a captivating midnight blue shade. These larger than life twists create a dramatic look that works well for both casual and formal occasions. Maintain the color integrity by using shampoo designed for hair.

#24. Micro-Twists with Beaded Cornrows

Micro Twists with Beaded Cornrows

Experience a detailed hairstyle with tiny twists adorned with decorative cornrow braids and delicate beads. This style truly showcases craftsmanship. It requires some time investment. Promises stunning results. Be prepared to dedicate time to maintenance in order to keep the twists looking their finest.

#25. Zig-Zag Part Twists in Ash Gray

Zig Zag Part Twists in Ash Gray

Elevate your twist braid game with parted twists in an elegant ash gray hue. The wavy part adds a twist, to this already unique ash gray hairstyle making it stand out from the crowd as a contemporary choice. Preserve the color vibrancy by using sulfate shampoo specifically formulated for protecting colored hair.

#26. Platinum Twists with Dark Roots

Platinum Twists with Dark Roots

Platinum twists with roots create a stunning contrast that elegantly frames your face. The dark roots provide a grounding effect while the platinum adds brightness and vitality. To maintain the roots and vibrant color regular touch ups are necessary.

#27. Two-Toned Twisted Knots with Side Cornrows

Two Toned Twisted Knots with Side Cornrows

Two toned twisted knots with side cornrows is an eye catching hairstyle that combines two popular braid styles. The dual colors give it a visual appeal making it an ideal choice for those who love to experiment. To keep this style looking its best make sure to moisturize occasionally touch up the color.

#28. French-Twisted Pigtails in Caramel

French Twisted Pigtails in Caramel

French twisted pigtails in caramel are playful and exude charm. This braided twist hairstyle puts a fun spin on pigtails, enhanced by the caramel color. To maintain the freshness of the color use products specifically designed for hair and moisturize regularly.

#29. Peekaboo Platinum Highlights in Twist Braids

Peekaboo Platinum Highlights in Twist Braids

Peekaboo platinum highlights in twist braids are perfect, for those seeking a yet captivating look. The platinum highlights are strategically placed underneath the natural hair color to create a peekaboo effect. This style adds allure without overpowering your appearance.

#30. Crown Twist with Butterfly Clips

Crown Twist with Butterfly Clips

If you’re feeling nostalgic about the ’90s try out a crown twist hairstyle using butterfly clips. This playful and trendy style involves creating a twist that wraps around your head like a crown adorned with those butterfly clips from back in the day. To keep this look fresh apply a light hold gel.

#31. Rainbow Twists with Silver Lining

Rainbow Twists with Silver Lining

For those who love colorful hair rainbow twists with a subtle silver lining are perfect for you. This whimsical hairstyle adds a kaleidoscope of colors to your hair. Features an enchanting silver touch that shimmers in the light. Regular touch ups and using products specifically formulated for color treated hair are important to maintain this look.

#32. Asymmetrical Twists in Chocolate Brown

Asymmetrical Twists in Chocolate Brown

Add a twist to your classic hairstyle with asymmetrical twists in chocolate brown. The uneven length creates interest and works well with any face shape. Deep conditioning treatments and using shampoos that help retain color are essential for keeping this style intact.

#33. Senegalese Twists with Spiral Ends

Senegalese Twists with Spiral Ends

Achieve a blend of modern aesthetics by opting for Senegalese twists with spiral ends. The spiral ends add a playful touch, to this already beautiful hairstyle. This protective style requires maintenance so regular moisturizing is all you need.

#34. Copper Goddess Twists with Beads

Copper Goddess Twists with Beads

When you wear copper goddess twists adorned with beads it gives you an elegant appearance. The placed beads enhance the beautiful copper hue of the twists. This hairstyle requires some effort to maintain its color and ensure the accessories are well placed.

#35. High Twisted Ponytail with Side Bangs

High Twisted Ponytail with Side Bangs

For a twist on the classic ponytail try a high twisted ponytail with side bangs. The side bangs beautifully frame your face while the high twisted ponytail adds a touch of drama. This hairstyle is suitable for both formal occasions and only requires regular brushing and moisturizing to keep it looking great.

#36. Lavender Micro-Twists

Lavender Micro Twists

If you’re looking for something charming lavender micro twists are an excellent choice. The small size of the twists combined with the pastel lavender color creates an eye catching combination. To maintain the pastel color make sure to use specialized shampoos and conditioners.

#37. Triple-Bun Twisted Updo

Triple Bun Twisted Updo

The triple bun twisted updo is a variation of the traditional bun style that adds an interesting twist of complexity. Three buns are arranged vertically to create this look. You can choose to adorn it with hair jewelry for a more glamorous appearance or keep it simple yet elegant. Regular moisturizing is essential, for maintaining this hairstyle.

#38. Two-Tone Kinky Twists

Two Tone Kinky Twists

Elevate the kinky twist by incorporating two complementary colors. This creates a visual contrast that adds an extra dimension to your hairstyle. Remember to moisturize to keep your hair in top shape.

#39. Bob-Length Twists with Undercut

Bob Length Twists with Undercut

Add a touch to the timeless bob length twist hairstyle by incorporating an undercut. This unexpected element adds a modern vibe to the overall look. Don’t forget trims for the undercut and keep those twists moisturized.

#40. Pineapple Updo with Twisted Strands

Pineapple Updo with Twisted Strands 1

Looking for a casual style? Try the pineapple updo with strands! It’s perfect for weekends giving off a vibe. It’s easy to maintain as long as you keep your scalp well moisturized.

#41. Tribal Twists with Multicolored Cuffs

Tribal Twists with Multicolored Cuffs

Embrace culture and tradition with twists adorned with multicolored cuffs. These cuffs in hues add a captivating touch making this twist braid style truly eye catching. Just make sure they’re securely fastened to prevent any slipping.

#42. Angled Twists with Shaved Sides

Angled Twists with Shaved Sides

If you want a dramatic twist braid style go for angled twists paired with shaved sides! The precise angles and shaved sides create an effect that will turn heads wherever you go.

#43. Jumbo Havana Twists

Jumbo Havana Twists

If you’re a fan of eye catching hairstyles oversized Havana twists are a fantastic choice. These twists stand out due to their size and volume adding a touch of flair to your look. To keep them looking shiny and vibrant it’s important to keep your hair moisturized.

#44. Reverse Ombre Twists

Reverse Ombre Twists

For those who like to break the mold reverse ombre twists are an option. Unlike ombre styles that go from dark to light these twists feature a gradient that transitions from light to dark. To maintain the smoothness of the color gradient, regular color maintenance is necessary.

#45. Waist-Length Twists with Loose Ends

Waist Length Twists with Loose Ends

Waist length twists, with ends offer a relaxed and boho vibe to the classic long twist hairstyle. The loose ends add texture and movement giving your hair a finish. It’s important to establish a moisturizing routine in order to keep your hair healthy.

#46. Side-Swept Chunky Marley Twists

Side Swept Chunky Marley Twists

Side swept chunky Marley twists elegance and grace when styled with natural hair. These large twists become a point of your overall look making a statement wherever you go. Achieving this style often involves using Marley hair and taking proper care by moisturizing regularly and occasionally re twisting them.

#47. Cinnamon Swirl Rope Twists

Cinnamon Swirl Rope Twists

Cinnamon swirl rope twists offer a variation to the classic rope twist hairstyle. The cinnamon tones blend seamlessly with your natural hair color creating an inviting look. This type of braid twist hairstyle benefits from using conditioning and color preserving products.

#48. Short Twists with Platinum Tips

Short Twists with Platinum Tips

Short twists with platinum tips are trendy and stylish. The platinum highlights at the ends give this short hair twist style a punk rock vibe. To maintain the vibrancy of the platinum tips regular touch ups are recommended due to the contrast.

#49. Half-Up, Half-Down Twist with a Bow

Half Up Half Down Twist with a Bow

A half up, down twist with an added bow creates a feminine and cute style. The bow adds a touch of sweetness making it perfect for romantic outings. This hairstyle is designed to protect the scalps health regular oiling is essential.

#50. Zig-Zag Parted Box Twists

Zig Zag Parted Box Twists

Zig zag parted box twists bring an asymmetry to the traditional box twist style. The zig zag part draws attention. Adds an interesting element to your twisted braids hairstyle. To maintain this style it’s important to moisturize your hair and carefully check for any tension, on your scalp.

#51. Long Red Carpet Twists

Long Red Carpet Twists

Long red carpet twists will make you look stunning for any occasion. These stunning long braids create a flowing cascade of hair that is guaranteed to catch peoples attention. It’s essential to deep condition and detangle your hair to maintain this glamorous look.

#52. Faux Loc Twists with Hair Jewelry

Faux Loc Twists with Hair Jewelry

Enhance the elegance of your twisted braids by incorporating hair jewelry. Beads, rings and cuffs can give your hairstyle a touch. Make sure to attach the hair jewelry to prevent any accidents.

#53. Waterfall Twist Crown

Waterfall Twist Crown

The Waterfall Twist Crown is a choice for those with short hair looking for a chic finish. This style frames your face gracefully resembling a crown made of waterfalls. While it may appear intricate it requires maintenance but benefits, from regular spritzing to keep it looking fresh.

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