41 Stunning Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

When you want to stand out in a crowd, short hairstyles for women are the perfect go-to choice. Pixie and bob cuts are great for hairstyles, and adding some curls can give you a fun and fierce look. With a haircut, you can experiment with different colors like blonde, purple, or red to enhance your style.

Before your hair appointment, take a look at these inspiring pictures of the trendiest short hairstyles for black women this year.

Chic TWA Teeny Weeny Afro with Side Part

Get ready to rock a TWA featuring a sleek side part perfect for black women who want to highlight their natural curls. This fabulous short hairstyle puts the spotlight on your face while adding a touch of elegance. For added shine apply an oil. It’s no wonder this short hairstyle’s the go to choice for black ladies who appreciate the beauty of their natural hair.

#2. Asymmetrical Razor-Cut Bob

Asymmetrical Razor Cut Bob

Step into the era with an edgy asymmetrical razor cut bob designed exclusively for black women. The jagged edges and varying lengths give this haircut an extra dose of dimension and style. Regular trims are key to maintaining this look. Keep your bob in shape with the help of a lightweight mousse.

#3. Mini Afro with Coiled Curls

Mini Afro with Coiled Curls

Embrace your curls by flaunting a mini Afro adorned with beautiful coiled curls setting off texture and volume like never before. Accentuate those coils by using curling gel or cream that perfectly defines each curl. This stunning hairstyle is a way to celebrate the inherent beauty of black hair in its most authentic form.

#4. Undercut Pixie with Zigzag Lines

Undercut Pixie with Zigzag Lines

For those who crave edgy styles dare to try an undercut pixie cut featuring eye catching zigzag surgical lines that take personal style to new heights. This striking short black haircut demands attention. Elevates your overall look effortlessly. Ensure maintenance of these lines using top quality design essential products.

#5. Sleek Finger Waves

Sleek Finger Waves

This vintage black hairstyle has been given a twist. It’s an chic short cut that is easy to maintain. To keep those waves in place use a strong hold gel.

#6. Layered Bowl Cut with Wispy Fringe

Layered Bowl Cut with Wispy Fringe

This fresh take on a style adds volume and dimension making it the perfect choice for black women. To keep your hair smooth use a conditioner that’s friendly to natural hair. This cut brings out a vibe and enhances any black lady’s appearance.

#7. Textured Faux Hawk

Textured Faux Hawk

If you want to express your boldness consider opting for this short hairstyle. It emphasizes volume and height giving you a look. Use a high hold pomade to ensure the style stays intact. For a touch of flair think about adding a shaved design.

#8. High-Top Fade with Sharp Line Up

High Top Fade with Sharp Line Up

Originally popular among men this clean and timeless haircut is now being embraced by women as well. The top fade, with a sharp line up exudes confidence and style.

#9. Bob Cut with Deep Side Part

Bob Cut with Deep Side Part

Adding sophistication to your appearance the bob cut with a deep side part is a choice for black women. Whether its a formal occasion this hairstyle works well. Maintain the side part using a fine tooth comb and some hair spray. It’s a classy hairdo.

#10. Two-Strand Twists Tapered Cut

Two Strand Twists Tapered Cut

For women with short hair the tapered cut with two strand twists is an excellent natural hairstyle. It’s easy to maintain and highlights your features. Keep your twists hydrated by using oils. The tapering adds a twist to this traditional black hairstyle.

#11. Short Dreadlock Crown

Short Dreadlock Crown

The dreadlock crown offers an exceptional take on natural hairstyles for black women. The height of the style draws attention upward elongating your face. Keep your locks healthy by moisturizing them with coconut oil. This hairstyle combines culture and fashion in a way.

#12. Tousled Waves on a Blunt Cut

Tousled Waves on a Blunt Cut

Tousled waves, on a blunt cut give hair that relaxed, beachy vibe. This particular short haircut is a choice for black women who like to have versatile hairstyles. You can use sea salt spray to add texture giving it a light and breezy feel that’s perfect for summer outings.

#13. Slicked-Back Short Cut

Slicked Back Short Cut

For the black woman a sleek short style creates a strong and confident look. To keep your black hair in place you can use gel. This hairstyle is both polished and assertive making it ideal for business meetings or formal events. It’s a choice that demands attention.

#14. Angular Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Angular Bob with Side Swept Bangs

A bob with side swept bangs provides a well balanced look for black women with oval or round faces. This short haircut is fashionable and practical requiring maintenance. Just use hairspray and get regular trims to keep it looking fresh.

#15. Pixie Cut with Swirl Design

Pixie Cut with Swirl Design

A pixie cut with a swirling design brings playfulness and elegance together in one look. It’s perfect if you want something in your short black hairstyle. To maintain the sharpness of the swirl you can use design products. This cut is especially popular, among trendsetting women.

#16. Classic Pageboy Cut

Classic Pageboy Cut 1

The timeless pageboy style brings glamour into the modern era. Lets start with a hairstyle for women that creates a curved shape around the face adding a touch of elegance to any look. To maintain its smoothness using a high quality hair serum is recommended.

#17. Vintage-Inspired Marcel Waves

Vintage Inspired Marcel Waves

This short black hairstyle takes us back to the Roaring Twenties. Is perfect for special occasions or events attended by black women. By using a styling gel you can easily maintain the wave pattern.

#18. Bantu Knots on Short Hair

Bantu Knots on Short Hair

These knots bring out the beauty of your natural curl pattern. Are relatively easy to maintain. For results moisturizing with essential oils is recommended. This style is a choice for those who want to celebrate their African heritage.

#19. Soft Mohawk with Defined Edges

Soft Mohawk with Defined Edges

If you’re looking to make a statement consider trying out a soft mohawk with defined edges. By using pomade you can keep your hair in place while combining a punk with clean lines. This edgy style will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

#20. Tapered Cut with Coily Top

Tapered Cut with Coily Top

This particular hairstyle is quite popular among women due to its combination of easy maintenance and trendy appearance. To keep those curls lively you can use a curl defining cream. It provides an effortless and light look.

#21. Spiky Pixie with Clean Undercut

Spiky Pixie with Clean Undercut

A pixie haircut with a clean undercut adds a touch of rebellion to your style. It’s a choice for black women who want to express their individuality. To maintain the spiky effect you can use a hair wax. The undercut adds an edge to this daring look.

#22. Flapper-Inspired Bob with Finger Waves

Flapper Inspired Bob with Finger Waves

A bob hairstyle inspired by the flapper era brings an vintage vibe. It’s perfect for women seeking a classy hairstyle as the finger waves add a luxurious touch. Keeping this style in place can be achieved by using a strong hold gel. This retro inspired hairstyle never goes out of fashion.

#23. Razor-Cut Crop with Blunt Edges

Razor Cut Crop with Blunt Edges

For those looking for an attention grabbing appearance a razor cut crop with blunt edges is quite striking. It’s a haircut that demands notice specifically among black women. To add shine to your hair you can apply a lightweight serum. This is certainly a choice, for fashion forward black ladies.

#24. Glam Pompadour

Glam Pompadour

Looking to add some rock and roll vibes to your style? Try out a pompadour. Elevate your hair with a volume boosting mousse for that eye catching look. This hairstyle is perfect for women who want to steal the spotlight.

#25. Shaggy Cut with Textured Bangs

Shaggy Cut with Textured Bangs

For a chic appearance go for a shaggy cut with textured bangs. This style works well for those with curly hair. To add volume and achieve a look apply a texturizing spray. It’s a choice for those who prefer a laid back vibe.

#26. Rounded Bob with Straight Across Bangs

Rounded Bob with Straight Across Bangs

If you’re aiming for an modern look consider opting for a rounded bob with straight across bangs. This precise haircut requires trims to keep it looking sharp. For sleekness use a smoothing serum. It’s versatile enough to be worn in both formal settings.

#27. Curly Faux Hawk with Side Designs

Curly Faux Hawk with Side Designs 1

Try out a faux hawk with side designs. Enhance your natural curl pattern by using curl defining cream. The side designs give this look a touch of uniqueness. It’s the choice, for trendsetting black ladies who want to make a bold statement.

#28. Elegant Buzz Cut

Elegant Buzz Cut

An elegant buzz cut creates a stylish appearance. It’s a low maintenance haircut for women that complements any face shape. Keep your scalp hydrated by applying nourishing oil. This minimalist style is perfect for those who desire a hassle free look.

#29. Bob Cut with Voluminous Crown

Bob Cut with Voluminous Crown

A bob cut with a crown gives off a youthful and vibrant vibe. Add mousse to the roots for lift. This hairstyle is ideal for women who want to incorporate some glamour into their everyday look. The added volume adds a touch.

#30. Defined Curly Pixie Cut

Defined Curly Pixie Cut

A defined curly pixie cut lets you showcase your texture in a chic manner. Use curl enhancing cream to accentuate your curls natural beauty. This short haircut for women is both adorable and practical offering a fresh twist on the classic pixie cut.

#31. Layered Asymmetrical Bob

Layered Asymmetrical Bob

A layered asymmetrical bob offers a take on a timeless style. This short haircut highlights your jawline. Elongates your neck creating an exciting yet straightforward look. Achieve sleekness, with the help of a straightening iron while the asymmetry adds an element of flair.

#32. Mini Twists on Short Natural Hair

Mini Twists on Short Natural Hair

Here are a few twists you can try on your short natural hair. Mini twists offer versatility and a charming appearance while also protecting your natural curl pattern. To keep your twists moisturized consider using a nourishing hair oil. This hairstyle is particularly popular among women who desire a break from their daily styling routine.

#33. Disconnected Pixie with Shaved Sides

Disconnected Pixie with Shaved Sides

For a blend of femininity and edgy detail consider opting for a disconnected pixie haircut with shaved sides. This short hairstyle for women plays with contrasting lengths and textures creating an eye catching look. To maintain this style try using a gel that provides hold without weighing down your hair. It’s a modern choice that appeals to adventurous black ladies.

#34. Sleek Bowl Cut

Sleek Bowl Cut

If you’re seeking to make a fashion statement the sleek bowl cut is an excellent choice for black women. With its finish this bold hairstyle exudes confidence and adds an element of futurism to your look. Consider using a glossing spray to enhance its shine and maintain its shape. Prepare yourself for all the attention this head turning style will bring.

#35. Sculpted Finger Coils

Sculpted Finger Coils

Enhance the beauty of your curly hair by trying out sculpted finger coils as a short black hairstyle option. These coils add definition and character to your appearance while showcasing the natural texture of your hair in all its glory. Use a curl enhancing gel specifically designed for setting coils to achieve results, with this radiant choice.

#36. Short Layered Cut with Curly Top

Short Layered Cut with Curly Top

Are you looking for a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain? Consider a short layered cut with a top. This style works well for women and can be enhanced by using a diffuser to bring out your natural curls. It’s an attractive look that adds both volume and texture.

#37. Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Short Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If you prefer an youthful appearance try a short bob with side swept bangs. To achieve an effect you can use a flat iron to smooth out the bangs. This versatile hairstyle is suitable for occasions and the side swept bangs provide an elegant touch.

#38. Blunt Cut with Hidden Undercut

Blunt Cut with Hidden Undercut

For those who want something edgy consider a blunt cut with a hidden undercut. This haircut offers the best of both worlds by combining sleekness with a twist. You can style the part straight to create an eye catching contrast adding uniqueness to the classic bob shape.

#39. Dramatic High-Top Fade

Dramatic High Top Fade

If retro cool is what you’re after why not go for a high top fade? This hairstyle pays homage to the styles of the ’80s and ’90s. To maintain its height and shape use high quality pomade. The result is a cool black haircut that captures the essence of past trends.

#40. Whimsical Wavy Bob

Whimsical Wavy Bob

A wavy bob offers a light and airy texture. It’s a short hairstyle for black women that adds volume without appearing bulky. Achieve those waves by using a curling wand. This look puts a fun twist on the bob style.

#41. Angular Flat Top with Surgical Line

Angular Flat Top with Surgical Line

An edgy high flat top with a surgical line brings precision and flair to your style. This short black haircut is not, for the hearted but makes a bold statement. Maintain the shape by using a strong hold gel. The surgical line adds a level of detail resulting in an unforgettable look.

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