35 Cute & Fun Hairstyles for Black Kids Right Now

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

This year, hairstyles for black kids are all about creativity, fun, and setting trends. From twists and braids to afro puffs and intricate cornrow designs, the options for young fashionistas are limitless. These styles not only showcase natural texture but also offer a playful yet polished look that’s perfect for school, events, or casual days out. Whether your little one prefers to keep it simple or loves to make a statement with their locks, there’s a hairstyle that captures their unique spirit.

Zigzag Cornrow Updo

One of the beloved hairstyles among many little black girls is the zigzag cornrow updo. These intricately braided cornrows create a mesmerizing zigzag pattern across the scalp and often end in a high bun or ponytail. It not only protects natural hair but also offers a distinctive braided design. Use high-quality edge control to keep those edges neat and polished.

#2. Side-Parted Afro Puffs

Side Parted Afro Puffs

Side-parted Afro puffs are a choice for black girls’ hairstyles. The hair takes the stage with voluminous puffs that are parted to one side. This is an effortless go-to style that can be kept in place with a little holding spray. Whether it is for school or special occasions your child can confidently rock this look.

#3. Wavy Mohawk with Side Designs

Wavy Mohawk with Side Designs

A wavy mohawk with side designs on the sides is a daring hairstyle choice for young black boys. Typically, the sides are faded and intricate patterns are carved into them. To add some texture the top fade can be styled in fashion using a curl sponge. It’s a look that will make your little one stand out.

#4. Short Coils and a Side Part

Short Coils and a Side Part

For kids, short coils paired with a side part offer a timeless and sophisticated appearance. Embracing their natural curl pattern, the short coils create a low-maintenance style that’s easy to manage even on busy mornings.

#5. Crown Halo Braid

Crown Halo Braid

The crown halo braid is a hairstyle specifically suited for special occasions among black girls. This protective style gracefully encircles the head like a halo often featuring one or two braids at the front. To maintain neatness and precision edge control products can be used, while adding beads or other accessories can enhance the beauty of the braid itself.

#6. Asymmetrical Bob with Braided Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob with Braided Bangs

An asymmetrical bob with braided bangs provides a twist to the classic bob hairstyle for black girls. The braided hair at the front creates a contrast in texture against the loose curls of the bob, resulting in a unique and stylish look.

#7. Double Dutch Braids into Puffs

Double Dutch Braids into Puffs

Try the Dutch braids into puffs hairstyle which combines classic Dutch braiding with cute puffs at the ends. To maintain the front, use edge control. Secure the puffs with colorful bands.

#8. Intricate Fishbone Cornrows

Intricate Fishbone Cornrows

For a gorgeous look, go for intricate fishbone cornrows. This beautiful braiding technique creates a fishbone pattern on the scalp. Provides great protection for your hair. It may take some time to install. It’s definitely worth it.

#9. Box Braids with Multi-Color Beads

Box Braids with Multi Color Beads

Box braids with multi-color beads are a timeless choice for black girls. These braids offer versatility, while the colorful beads add a touch. This hairstyle represents exuberance and is perfect for school or play.

#10. Spiral Flat Twists Crown

Spiral Flat Twists Crown

The spiral flat twist crown is an elegant protective style that suits any little black girl perfectly. The flat twists create a crown pattern around the head and can be accessorized with small accessories.

#11. Faux Hawk with Twists

Faux Hawk with Twists

The faux hawk with a twist is a rebellious yet charming hairstyle for young black boys. The sides are often faded, while the center hair is twisted using a curling sponge or finger coiling. This style allows the child’s natural hair texture to shine through.

#12. High-Top Fade with Line-Up

High Top Fade with Line Up

A modern high-top fade with line-up is a retro-inspired hairstyle that has been updated for today’s black kids. The top fade is kept long. It can be textured with a curl sponge. The clean edges provide a finish, making this look suitable for any occasion.

#13. Mini-Afro with a Tapered Cut

Mini Afro with a Tapered Cut

The tapered cut mini Afro is a natural hairstyle for kids. Embrace your child’s curl pattern and texture with this style. A tapered cut adds shape to the hair. You can enhance the curls by using a small amount of holding spray.

#14. Bantu Knots with Spirals

Bantu Knots with Spirals

Spiraled Bantu knots are a braided alternative for black girls. There are ways to style these small knots and the loose spirals give a unique texture that adds charm. The spirals often frame the face creating a captivating appearance.

#15. Jumbo Twists with Gold Cuffs

Jumbo Twists with Gold Cuffs

Jumbo twists adorned with gold cuff decorations bring a regal touch to any hairstyle for young black girls. These twists are large and dramatic, often reaching shoulder-length. The addition of gold decorations enhances the style, making it perfect for occasions or adding everyday glam.

#16. Goddess Braids into a Low Bun

Goddess Braids into a Low Bun

Goddess braids styled into a low bun provide an elegant touch to the look of any young black girl. This protective style involves braids that wrap around the head and gather into a low bun. To ensure a lasting hold, apply some edge control and secure the bun with bobby pins.

#17. Textured Faux Locs

Textured Faux Locs

Textured faux locs are a choice for black kids who want to experiment with dreadlocks without committing to them permanently. Each loc captures the natural hair texture. Can be embellished with beads or shells. This versatile hairstyle allows your child to explore styling options.

#18. Classic Comb-Coil Starter Locs

Classic Comb Coil Starter Locs

Classic comb-coil starter locs are an option for black kids who wish to embark on their journey of growing locs. To start creating locs use a comb to coil the hair. Applying some holding spray will help maintain the shape of the coils as they mature.

#19. TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) with a Hair Wrap

TWA Teeny Weeny Afro with a Hair Wrap

For girls with shorter natural hair, a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) paired with a stylish hair wrap is an adorable choice. This hairstyle embraces your child’s curl pattern. Adds an extra layer of flair. It’s a maintenance-worthy yet fashionable look that offers both style and practicality.

#20. Senegalese Twists with Side-Swept Bang

Senegalese Twists with Side Swept Bang

For girls with daring style, side-swept bangs combined with Senegalese twists create a chic and sophisticated hairstyle is for you. The playful touch of side-swept bangs complements the nature of Senegalese twists which can last for weeks. To keep the bangs and edges sleek, using edge control products is essential.

#21. Pinwheel Bun with Cornrows

Pinwheel Bun with Cornrows

The pinwheel bun with cornrows is an eye-catching braided design that stands out from the crowd. The cornrows spiral towards the top of the head to form a captivating pinwheel pattern that culminates in a bun. This hairstyle not only offers protection but also showcases stunning visual appeal for black kids.

#22. Pixie Cut with Curly Bangs

Pixie Cut with Curly Bangs

The hairstyle called pixie cut with curly bangs brings a youthful and lively touch to the hair of black girls. The curly bangs beautifully frame the face, while the short cut makes it easy to manage. This particular style works well for those who have a looser curl type, adding a hint of sassiness to their overall appearance.

#23. Rainbow Box Braids

Rainbow Box Braids

Rainbow box braids are a colorful choice for black kids who want to make a statement with their hair. These box braids are dyed in the colors of the rainbow, giving a unique twist to the traditional style. The versatility and fun factor of these braids allow for different styling options.

#24. Flat Top with Geometric Design

Flat Top with Geometric Design

The flat top with a geometric design is a cool and trendy hairstyle for black boys. The flat top pays homage to retro styles, while the shaved geometric design on the sides adds a touch. To enhance the texture on top, you can use a curl sponge.

#25. Layered Bob with Curls

Layered Bob with Curls

The layered bob with curls is a lively hairstyle perfect for black girls. The layers add depth and dimension, allowing natural curls to shine through beautifully. This style is effortless to maintain and suits all hair types and occasions.

#26. Reverse Flat Twists with Loose Ends

Reverse Flat Twists with Loose Ends

Reverse flat twists with loose ends are a captivating hairstyle choice for young black children. These twists are created in a manner that starts from the back of the head and moves towards the top. Leaving the ends loose adds volume. Embraces the child’s natural hair texture.

#27. Voluminous Ponytail with Braids

Voluminous Ponytail with Braids

A voluminous ponytail with braids combines modern styles, making it an excellent option for black girls. The crown is often braided leading to a ponytail that is full of bouncy curls. A light spritz of holding spray will help maintain the curl’s bounce throughout the day.

#28. Twisted Rope Cornrows

Twisted Rope Cornrows

Twisted rope cornrows offer a hairstyle option for black kids. These cornrows resemble ropes and usually extend from the forehead to the nape of the neck. It’s a protective style suitable for special occasions or everyday wear.

#29. Half-Up, Half-Down Textured Curls

Half Up Half Down Textured Curls

Half-up, half-down textured curls create an adorable hairstyle for black girls that perfectly blends two different looks. The top half can be styled into a top knot while showcasing natural curls on the bottom half. Using edge control will keep the knot neat and secure throughout the day.

#30. Crown Cornrow Design with Pigtails

Crown Cornrow Design with Pigtails

The crown cornrow design with pigtails is such a hairstyle for little black girls. It creates a crown-like pattern on the scalp and leads to adorable pigtails at the back. To add some style you can incorporate colorful beads and use a spritz of holding spray to keep everything in place.

#31. Temple-Fade Afro with Line-Up

Temple Fade Afro with Line Up

The temple fade Afro with a line-up offers a twist on the classic Afro hairstyle for black boys. The temple fade transitions into the afro while a clean line-up frames the face nicely. Using a curl sponge can help define the texture of the Afro.

#32. Curly Faux Hawk with Side Designs

Curly Faux Hawk with Side Designs

A curly faux hawk with side designs is a trendy and modern hairstyle for black kids. It involves creating a fauxhawk using their curls while geometric designs are shaved into the sides. To keep everything in place and add some style you can use edge control products.

#33. Waterfall Braids with Beads

Waterfall Braids with Beads

Waterfall braids with beads are a choice for black girl’s hairstyles. The braids cascade down like a waterfall. Adding beads gives them a playful touch. This protective style is perfect for occasions and is loved by many little black girls.

#34. Double French Braids with Curly Ends

Double French Braids with Curly Ends

Achieve a timeless hairstyle for black girls by opting for double French braids with curly ends. These braids start at the forehead and gracefully cascade down the back of the head culminating in beautifully curled ends. To maintain the liveliness of the curls, make sure to use a holding spray.

#35. Tapered Cut with Side Part

Tapered Cut with Side Part

For boys seeking a polished and mature appearance, consider a tapered cut with a side part. This style involves tapering the sides while creating a side part to separate the top from the sides. If you have a curl pattern, you can enhance the texture by styling the top using a curl sponge.

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