25 Trending Crochet Braids Styles This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

#1. Short Crochet Pixie Cut

Short Crochet Pixie Cut

A short crochet pixie cut is another chic option with an attitude for lovers of dramatic style. It is a fresh interpretation of the traditional pixie cut that adds crochet hair for more volume and an unconventional appearance. It is very modern with its short length and can be perfect for someone who wants to really make a statement.

#2. Layered Crochet Bob with Asymmetrical Side Bangs

Layered Crochet Bob with Asymmetrical Side Bangs

Modern crochet weave techniques meet classic elegance in the layered crochet bob with side bangs. With a layered cut and side bangs, it beautifully frames your face. The style is versatile, and it can be adapted to formal or casual, giving a protective style that looks chic. This style includes crochet hair that looks natural and voluminous, making it ideal for anyone looking for a more sophisticated but low-maintenance style.

#3. Spiral Curl Crochet Braids

Spiral Curl Crochet Braids

With the perfect twist and make, spiral curl crochet braids are voluminous and have a statement curl pattern. With soft and natural, well-defined spiral curls where they play with hair. It is a fabulous protective style that not only looks awesome but also ensures your natural edges maintain their good health. Perfect for any occasion—from a night out to an everyday fresh look—these crochet braids will fit your requirements.

#4. Crotchet Hairstyle to the Side Swept Curls

Crotchet Hairstyle to the Side Swept Curls

An elegant crochet hairstyle to the side swept curls looks special and fits all occasions. Steal the spotlights with this fancy updo and gently curled one-side hairstyle. Crochet gives more dimensions and fiber; therefore, those who prefer a glamorous look will find it very suitable. This is a protective style that’s as beautiful as it is functional, taking care of your natural hair.

#5. Vibrant Red Tips Crochet Braiding

Vibrant Red Tips Crochet Braiding

The crochet braids with vibrant red tips are a high-risk and daring option designed for enthusiasts of being outstanding. The traditional crochet braid hairstyle sports a modern aspect that includes striking red tips, perfect for personalizing one’s overall look. This is a great protective style that not only appears awesome but also protects your natural hair. This style is right up your alley if you want to bring some zest into your hair ritual.

#6. Sleek Crochet Ponytail

Sleek Crochet Ponytail

One of the smartest crochets in town, a sleek crochet ponytail upgrades every hairstyle to a stylish and more elegant look. The latter has a very smooth and sleek look of a ponytail made from crochet hair, which looks more polished and refined. This style is great for being a protective style since it saves one’s natural hair, thus enabling one to be kept safe while wanting to have an elegant and versatile style that can work with casual as well as formal events.

#7. Loose Waves with Braided Crochet Crown

Loose Waves with Braided Crochet Crown

A fluffy and romantic braided crochet crown with loose waves is the perfect hairstyle for your lazy summer days when you are in a romantic mood. This style has a braided crown incorporated with crochet hair and free-flowing waves that make you look dreamy. This is an ideal protective style for natural hair, which combines both elegance and playfulness in one.

#8. Blue Ombre Effect in Crochet Braids

Blue Ombre Effect in Crochet Braids

Crochet braids with a blue ombre effect are perfect for fashion-forward ladies who love to play around with colour. The style consists of crochet braids changing from your natural hair color to a bold blue ombre, making the hairstyle modern and artistic. It’s an excellent way to protect your hair in style without the permanent dye color commitment.

#9. Chunky Crochet Twist Out

Chunky Crochet Twist Out

The chunky crochet twist-out is a perfect variant for admirers of courageous coifs filled with volume. It entails bigger twists of the crochets, which are meant to provide the big hair look. It is a wonderful protective hairstyle that keeps your natural hair healthy and gives it the most fashionable look. Functional and fashionable, it lends a style that is perfect for making a statement.

#10. Crochet Micro Braids with Beaded Ends

Crochet Micro Braids with Beaded Ends

For crochet micro braids with beaded ends, this is an unusual and flirtatious hairstyle that introduces some fun into your glance. The braids in this style are thin and touched with crochet, some of which have been beaded at the ends to give a playful fashionable look. It’s a great protective style, so you won’t need your natural hair and can try something out with beads of various colors mixed for an individual look.

#11. High Bun with Crochet Braids

High Bun with Crochet Braids

The classic crochet braid high bun is an eternal and sober style that works for all professional as well as informal layouts. The style takes a usual bun and redefines it using crochet hair for greater volume and texturizing. This is the perfect protective style for individuals who are looking to protect their natural hair from eventual damage whilst having a feminine and changeable updo.

#12. Jumbo Crochet Braids With a Side Part

Jumbo Crochet Braids With a Side Part

Introducing jumbo crochet braids with a side part—a daring and chic style that gives crochet braids a contemporary spin. The style is done in a side part and consists of large voluminous braids, which make it look stunning. This is a superb protective style, which not only makes you look great but also assists in maintaining the good health of your natural hair.

#13. Crochet Goddess Locs

Crochet Goddess Locs

The crochet goddess locs is a popular and edgy hair trend that matches the bohemian style. This style consists of crocheted hair locs that give a natural and laid-back look. It is a great type of protective style that protects your natural hair and also offers a fashionable and low-maintenance choice.

#14. Waterfall Crochet Braids

Waterfall Crochet Braids

The waterfall crochet braids are a girly elegant style well done for people who love that soft flowing look. The design comes with waterfall-effect crochet braids that give it a very pretty and womanly look. It is a defensive hair-do that not only looks amazing but also promotes the sustenance of your natural hair.

#15. Faux Hawk Crochet with Tight Curls

Faux Hawk Crochet with Tight Curls

The crochet faux hawk with tight curls is a daring and bold hairstyle that helps women make a statement. The edgy faux hawk is merged with tight bouncy curls given by crocheted hair in what can be described as a distinctive and attractive style. This makes it a wonderful protective style for people who want to retain their natural hair and still be perceived as unique.

#16. Crochet Braids with Copper Highlights

Crochet Braids with Copper Highlights

This is a great example of classic crochet braids with beautiful coppery highlights, which makes for an interesting and even tremendous look. This is a great protective style that makes you look better, and it also protects your natural hair. These braids can be worn for daily or special wear, and one is likely to catch the attention of many.

#17. Loose-End Side-Swept Mega Chunky Puffy Crochet Braids

Loose End Side Swept Mega Chunky Puffy Crochet Braids

Loose-end side-swept mega chunky puffy crochet braids are super sleek and smooth for an ultra-chic vibe, an ideal style to go for by people who value softness in their hair. The one-sided crochet style presents a dignified way of sweeping the braids to one side and having the material hang loose. It is a great protective style that serves the purpose of maintaining healthy natural hair and fashion. It is a look that can work in any setting–from casual to official.

#18. Deep Purple-Esque Crochet Braids

Deep Purple Esque Crochet Braids

The crochet braids with deep purple-esque undertones – it is a daring and unexpected variant that adds notes of fantasy to your image. Here, the crochet braids are designed with very slight deep purple shades that look magical thanks to their uniqueness. This is a protective style that looks like magic and helps keep one’s hair healthy. Ideal for those seeking to make a statement with color.

#19. Crochet Cornrows with Natural Texture

Crochet Cornrows with Natural

For those who desire a neat and smart hairdo, crochet cornrows with natural texture are the thing. In this style, crochet hair is braided into cornrows, laying flat on the scalp, and revealing its natural texture. This is a versatile protective style that protects natural hair and looks fabulous and formal in any environment.

#20. Middle Part Voluminous Crochet Curls

Middle Part Voluminous Crochet Curls

For a bouncy full hairstyle choose voluminous crochet curls with a middle part which are perfect for glamorous and feminine choices. It is crocheted in the center with luxurious curls, which create a harmonious and attractive view. This is a very good protective style that adds some volume and flair while maintaining the health of your natural hair. Suitable for any occasion.

#21. Asymmetrical Crochet Bob with Waves

Asymmetrical Crochet Bob with Waves

This is a modern and chic option for classic hairdos called the asymmetrical crochet bob with waves. Its trend is an elegant bob cut with a difference and bead-like crochet hair styled in waves for extra depth. The style is excellent protection combined with an awesome design oriented toward fashion that also looks like real natural hair.

#22. Gold-Accented Senegalese Twist Crochet

Gold Accented Senegalese Twist Crochet

The class of crochet Senegalese twists with golden accents offer an exotic and elegant outlook, especially to these hair lovers who want lux. With exquisite crochet hair styled in elegant Senegalese twists that shimmer with golden throughs, it oozes radiance and style. It’s a type of protective style that is not only gorgeous but also works in favor of retaining the healthiness of your own hair.

#23. Soft Pink Highlights Crochet Braids

Soft Pink Highlights Crochet Braids

The sweet and lovely crochet braids with soft pink highlights are an excellent style to play up your look for a bit of childish whimsy. The style features traditional crochet braids with subtle soft pink highlights that make the hair look adorable and girlish. The style is perfect for those who would like to have some fun with color in a modest and trendy way.

#24. Low-Bun Crochet Braids

Low Bun Crochet Braids

The crochet braid braids tied in a low bun look very sophisticated and can be great for official as well as unofficial occasions. In this style, the crochet braids are neatly pulled together into a low bun at the nape, which results in a sleek and sophisticated look. It is the perfect protective style for natural hair, and you can retain its health while rocking a classic look that never goes out of fashion.

#25. Crochet Box Braids with a Bun on Top

Crochet Box Braids with a Bun on Top

A crochet box braid with a bun on top is a trendy and edgy hairstyle suitable for those who like modern playful looks. The look entails clean box braids of crochet hair and an edgy top knot incorporated for modest creativity. It’s a modern fashion and practicality in keeping your natural hair healthy.

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