50 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles That are Easy to Style

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 13, 2024

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are the perfect blend of practicality and elegance. Discover 50 easy-to-style variations that are ideal for everyday wear or special occasions.

#1. Classic Half-Up with Volume at the Crown

Classic Half Up with Volume at the Crown

Bask in the undying charm of voluminous crowns paired with half-up half-down hairstyles. This match of simplicity and sophistication effortlessly infuses elegance into your look. Achieving this regal volume may require a teasing comb or volumizing spray for lift and pomp.

#2. Elegant Twisted Half-Up

Elegant Twisted Half Up

Elevate simplicity to sophistication as you twist strands into an elegant half-up style. Ideal for weddings or cocktail evenings, ensure twists hold with a light mist of strong-setting hairspray, securing the magic from dusk till dawn.

#3. Braided Half-Up with Loose Waves

Braided Half Up with Loose Waves

You’ll love the bohemian charm of braided half-up hairstyles paired with loose waves. Experiment with fishtail or waterfall braids, and use a sea salt spray or curl-enhancing mousse to define those tantalizing waves.

#4. Messy Half-Up Bun

Messy Half Up Bun

You’ll love the allure of a messy half-up bun that masterfully straddles ‘styled’ and ‘carefree’. A touch of texturizer maintains that desirable tousled look, perfect for any hair type seeking an artfully disheveled charm.

#5. Half-Up Ponytail with a Chic Hair Scarf

Half Up Ponytail with a Chic Hair Scarf

Elevate your typical half-up ponytail by weaving in a chic hair scarf. It instantly becomes a fashion-forward statement. Opt for silk scarves for a touch of luxury or cotton for a casual flair. This adaptable style effortlessly transitions from brunch to an evening soiree.

#6. Double Braided Half-Up Style

Double Braided Half Up Style

Unveil a chic look with the Double Braided Half-Up Style, merging the elegance of a fishtail and the charm of a French braid. I’ll guide you on intertwining these textured hairstyles flawlessly, ensuring your DIY hair tutorial yields a masterpiece.

#7. Half-Up Space Buns

Half Up Space Buns

Channel your inner playful spirit with half-up space buns, a hairstyle that exudes youthful vibrancy. Start by parting your hair down the middle and securing two high ponytails. Twist each ponytail into a bun and fasten. You’ll find that adding your choice of hair accessories, like pearl hair clips or floral crowns, truly personalizes the look, infusing it with your unique flair.

#8. Half-Up with Face-Framing Tendrils

Half Up with Face Framing Tendrils

Unleashing the essence of romance, face-framing tendrils gently soften your visage in a half-up hairstyle, tailor-made for enchanting evenings and sun-kissed brunches. Expertly curl these wisps away from your face to bestow a flattering frame to your features.

#9. Voluminous Half-Up with Soft Curls

Voluminous Half Up with Soft Curls

Indulge in the glamour of a half-up, half-down style accented with soft, bouncy curls. You’ll find curling wands or irons ideal for crafting those luscious waves. Remember to mist with a light hold spray to preserve volume, assuring your look stays splendid from dawn to dusk.

#10. Simple Half-Up with a Pearl Hair Clip

Simple Half Up with a Pearl Hair Clip

Elevate your half-up, half-down look effortlessly with a pearl hair clip. This refined accessory suits any event, from laid-back brunches to chic soirées. Opt for a delicate clip for everyday charm or a statement piece for grandeur.

#11. Boho Braided Half-Up with a Floral Crown

Boho Braided Half Up with a Floral Crown

Embrace your inner bohemian with a boho braided half-up hairstyle, perfect for festivals or outdoor weddings. Choose a floral crown that complements your locks; whether you craft your own or select a pre-made piece, ensure it resonates with your free-spirited energy.

#12. Sleek Half-Up with a High Ponytail

Sleek Half Up with a High Ponytail

Embrace the high-impact of a sleek half-up hairstyle, its high ponytail finish a favorite among celebrities. For that polished sheen, straighten your tresses, pulling them tightly to crown level. Perfect for galas or soirées, this look commands attention.

#13. Half-Up with Subtle Beach Waves

Half Up with Subtle Beach Waves

Immerse yourself in the effortless grace of beach waves combined with a structured half-up look. You’ll need a quality wave spray or saltwater texturizer and a curling wand for that soft, sea-kissed effect. Perfect for sunlit excursions or balmy summer nights, it exudes casual elegance.

#14. Twisted Half-Up with Delicate Hair Pins

Twisted Half Up with Delicate Hair Pins

Twist your tresses into an enchanting half-up style and secure with delicate hair pins that gleam. Choose pins that echo the theme of your ensemble to ensure your hairstyle exudes a refined, feminine charm at any event.

#15. Half-Up with a Braided Crown

Half Up with a Braided Crown

Embrace royal elegance with a half-up half-down hairstyle crowned by a dignified braid. Simple to craft, weave strands around your head to form a braided crown, a harmonious choice for both grand galas and your daily ensemble.

#16. Half-Up with Fishtail Braid Details

Half Up with Fishtail Braid Details

Revamp your look with the intricate allure of fishtail braid details in a half-up hairstyle. This technique, weaving strands gradually for a complex pattern, promises sophistication. Consider this elegant detail to elevate your everyday style to new heights.

#17. Messy Half-Up Top Knot

Messy Half Up Top Knot

For that perfectly imperfect look, channel the carefree appeal with a messy half-up top knot. Gently pull strands to loosen—a genius trick for those rushed mornings when chic yet casual is the goal.

#18. Half-Up with a Statement Headband

Half Up with a Statement Headband

You can effortlessly elevate a half-up hairstyle by incorporating a statement headband. Match it with your outfit to create a seamless ensemble. Opt for thin bands for fine hair and wider, more textural options for thicker tresses.

#19. Romantic Half-Up with Curls and Twists

Romantic Half Up with Curls and Twists

You transform a simple half-up ‘do into a cascade of romance with curls and twists. Perfecting the art, you’ll wield a curling wand, spiraling locks into soft tendrils. Adorn the swirls with delicate pearls or floral pins for that final fairy-tale finish.

#20. Half-Up with Sleek Straight Hair

Half Up with Sleek Straight Hair

A half-up, half-down hairstyle with sleek, straight locks offers a fusion of modernity and polish perfect for refined events. Use a heat protectant spray and a ceramic flat iron to achieve that enviable straightness without harm.

#21.  Textured Half-Up with Voluminous Ponytail

Textured Half Up with Voluminous Ponytail

Infuse life into your locks with a textured half-up hairstyle, topped with a voluminous ponytail. Weave excitement into your daily routine with this fusion, using volumizing mousses and texturizing sprays for an enviable, elevated look.

#22. Half-Up with Bubble Braid Detail

Half Up with Bubble Braid Detail

The allure of bubble braids will infuse your half-up, half-down hairstyle with a delightful twist, setting the standard for hair trends in 2023. Initially, section off your hair’s top layer and secure it into a ponytail. Then tie clear elastics at regular intervals down the length, gently tugging each section apart to create the ‘bubble’ effect. This technique promises a captivating look infused with whimsy, reinventing classic styles with textural intrigue.

#23. Chic Half-Up with a Bow

Chic Half Up with a Bow

Add a bow to your half-up hairstyle for instant timeless charm. Whether you’re attending a wedding or enjoying a picnic, this sweet detail is perfect. Choose bows that match your outfit’s color palette to enhance your overall look seamlessly.

#24. Intricate Braided Half-Up with Loose Tendrils

Intricate Braided Half Up with Loose Tendrils

You’ll love the harmony of intricate braids and soft tendrils in a half-up hairstyle, perfect for both everyday elegance and festive affairs. Begin by braiding small sections near your temples, then let tendrils gently frame your face for a touch of whimsy.

#25. Tousled Half-Up with Delicate Waves

Tousled Half Up with Delicate Waves

Embrace a laid-back charm by blending tousled locks with gentle waves, crafting a serene half-up hairstyle perfect for leisurely days or informal meetups. Secure with hair accessories or pearl hair clips to enhance allure. You’ll find a curling wand becomes your go-to tool, creating those soft, whispering waves.

#26. Half-Up with a Jeweled Hair Clip

Half Up with a Jeweled Hair Clip

Transform your half-up, half-down hairstyle with the exquisite touch of a jeweled hair clip. Expertly match this sparkling accessory with your favorite gems for an effortlessly coordinated ensemble. Its elegance enhances your daily look, ensuring you feel and look special.

#27. Sleek Half-Up with a Statement Scrunchie

Sleek Half Up with a Statement Scrunchie

Upgrade your sleek half-up hairstyle by adding a bold statement scrunchie. Opt for velvet or silk to minimize hair damage and choose a size that complements your hair’s volume. This chic accessory turns a classic look into a modern statement for any occasion.

#28. Half-Up with a Twisted Crown

Half Up with a Twisted Crown

You’ll adore the blend of regality and ease a twisted crown brings to half-up hairstyles. Achieving this look involves simply twisting sections of hair around the head for a crown effect. Ideal for both daily sophistication and exclusive soirées, it’s a versatile choice for any occasion.

#29. Half-Up with Side-Swept Bangs

Half Up with Side Swept Bangs

You will discover the dynamic flair side-swept bangs lend to a half-up half-down style. For that impeccable sweep that holds all day, try a light-hold hairspray or texturizing product. This hairstyle exemplifies versatility, gracing varied hair types with ease.

#30. Half-Up with a Braided Halo

Half Up with a Braided Halo

Create an angelic aura with a braided halo; it’s perfect for garden parties or whimsical weddings. Simply braid along your hairline, then pin around the crown, enchanting onlookers with a celestial vibe that’s both serene and stylish.

#31. Vintage-Inspired Half-Up with Victory Rolls

Vintage Inspired Half Up with Victory Rolls

Immerse yourself in bygone glamour with the iconic victory rolls, symbolizing a spirited era. You’ll channel a vintage flair as you part your hair, roll sections outward from the face, and pin into place. This hairstyle, once a wartime morale booster, effortlessly combines elegance with a playful twist.

#32. Half-Up with a Textured Braid and Ponytail

Half Up with a Textured Braid and Ponytail

Imagine your locks elevated with an elegant braid flowing into a textured ponytail—a harmonious blend of style and simplicity. For enhanced texture, a sea salt spray will infuse just the right amount of volume, adaptable to any hair type.

#33. Half-Up with a French Braid Accent

Half Up with a French Braid Accent

Enhance your half-up hairstyle with the chic elegance of a French braid accent. As you weave the braid, it instantly adds sophistication to your look, making it perfect for weddings or afternoon brunches where style is key.

#34. Polished Half-Up with a Low Bun

Polished Half Up with a Low Bun

For sleek sophistication, nothing outshines the polished half-up paired with a low bun. You’ll adore its seamless fit for glamorous occasions. Smooth strands with serum before securing your bun; it’s the finesse that captures attention with this elegantly understated design.

#35. Soft and Romantic Half-Up with Curls

Soft and Romantic Half Up with Curls

To achieve a romantic half-up hairstyle with soft curls, consider using a heat-protectant and a ceramic curling wand to minimize hair damage. This elegant and voluminous hairstyle is the perfect choice for a dreamy date night or a charming evening affair.

#36. Half-Up Half-Down with Flipped Ends

Half Up Half Down with Flipped Ends

Evoke Y2K nostalgia with a half-up, half-down look featuring flirty flipped ends. For an impeccable flip, use a round brush and blow-dryer targeting the ends. This style infuses a spirited retro flair into your contemporary hair repertoire, marrying past trends with today’s versatility.

#37. Chic and Modern Half-Up Ponytail

Chic and Modern Half Up Ponytail

Venture into the realm of half-up half-down hairstyles with a chic and modern half-up ponytail. Mastered by celebrities and catwalk models, this versatile look transitions seamlessly from day to evening wear. Secure your pony at mid-crown, mist with hairspray, and watch elegance unfold.

#38. Half-Up Half-Down with a Twisted Top Knot

Half Up Half Down with a Twisted Top Knot

Revive your classic top knot with a fresh take that blends elegance and edge. To create this look, gather the top section of your hair and twist before coiling into a knot. This modern twist is perfect for a chic gathering or when you aspire to add a fashionable touch to your ensemble.

#39. Tousled Half-Up Half-Down with a Ribbon Accent

Tousled Half Up Half Down with a Ribbon Accent

Merge the relaxed vibe of tousled strands with a playful ribbon for an effortlessly stylish half-up look. Opt for satin or velvet ribbons in hues that match your tresses. This fusion exudes a perfect balance between laid-back and fashionable flair, suited for any occasion.

#40. Polished Half-Up Half-Down with a Subtle Bouffant

Polished Half Up Half Down with a Subtle Bouffant

Step into elegance with a modern twist on the bouffant. Achieve this polished half-up, half-down look by gently teasing at the crown, then smoothing the top layer for a refined silhouette. Suitable for gala dinners or elevating your office attire, it’s a versatile choice for any scene.

#41. Half-Up Half-Down with a Jeweled Barrette

Half Up Half Down with a Jeweled Barrette

Add an instant touch of glamour to your half-up, half-down hairstyle using a jeweled barrette. Expertly place this sparkling accessory to secure strands and inject sophistication into your look. You’ll discover its remarkable ability to transition flawlessly from sunlit meetings to moonlit gatherings.

#42. Sleek Half-Up Half-Down with Straightened Hair

Sleek Half Up Half Down with Straightened Hair

For elegance and versatility, the sleek half-up half-down style reigns supreme, perfect for countless occasions. Achieve this look with heat protectant and a ceramic straightener, ensuring hair remains damage-free and poker-straight. Create a polished half-updo that transitions effortlessly from sophisticated workdays to chic evening events.

#43. Braided Half-Up Half-Down with a Hair Wrap

Braided Half Up Half Down with a Hair Wrap

Infuse a bohemian twist into your ensemble with a braided half-up hairstyle highlighted by a hair wrap. Begin by plaiting your hair into fine braids and then weave in vibrant threads or delicate beads for texture. This stylistic nuance is ideal for festivals and creative photoshoots, catching every beholder’s eye.

#44. Messy Half-Up Half-Down with Face-Framing Pieces

Messy Half Up Half Down with Face Framing Pieces

Embrace the carefree charm of a messy half-up half-down hairstyle, enhanced by delicate face-framing pieces. For that artfully ‘undone’ aesthetic, loosen a few strands near the temple after securing the main section. This tousled look is ideal for infusing day-to-day attire with an effortless, chic vibe.

#45. Half-Up Half-Down with a Loose French Braid

Half Up Half Down with a Loose French Braid

Embrace the understated elegance of a loose French braid combined with the relaxed feel of a half-up half-down style. Start by gently weaving your tresses while allowing some slack for a flowy appearance. Ideal for coffee meetups or garden parties, this hairstyle exudes a refined effortless charm.

#46. Textured Half-Up Half-Down with a Fishtail Braid

Textured Half Up Half Down with a Fishtail Braid

Discover the allure of texture with a fishtail braid enhancing your half-up, half-down hairstyle. Mastering this technique takes your braid from basic to breathtaking, weaving intricate detail into every strand. It redefines the traditional braided look, adding a layer of sophistication to your stylish repertoire.

#47. Half-Up Half-Down with a Floral Hair Comb

Half Up Half Down with a Floral Hair Comb

Add an air of romance to your locks with a half-up, half-down style adorned with a floral hair comb. You’ll want to select a comb that complements your hair color and the occasion’s theme. Position it at an angle for a charming touch that effortlessly elevates your look, perfect for those sunlit spring weddings or balmy summer evenings.

#48. Half-Up Half-Down with Curled Ends

Half Up Half Down with Curled Ends

Adding curls to the ends of your locks will elevate a half-up, half-down hairstyle with a playful twist. For soft, bouncy ends, try using a wide-barrel curling iron and mist with a light hold hairspray to maintain the shape without stiffness. This look transitions smoothly from a leisurely brunch to an elegant evening event, showcasing its versatility for any occasion.

#49. Chic Half-Up Half-Down with a Twisted Low Bun

Chic Half Up Half Down with a Twisted Low Bun

You’ve decided on a chic half-up half-down with a twisted low bun, merging elegance with simplicity. First, separate the top half of your hair and twist it gently, drawing it back to form a graceful, low bun. Secure this with pins, ensuring a snug fit. This look transitions seamlessly from your work desk to a sophisticated evening gala, showcasing versatile hairstyles with unmatched class.

#50. Voluminous Half-Up Half-Down with Beach Waves

Voluminous Half Up Half Down with Beach Waves

Imagine strolling along sandy shores, your hair capturing the essence of the ocean’s breeze. You can embody this relaxed beach allure every day. Begin by dousing your locks with a volumizing spray to lift roots and add body. For the waves, trust a salt-infused texturizer to instill that sought-after tousle. Secure the top section in a loose twist, ensuring the remaining tresses cascade like sea foam. This hybrid hairstyle suits sunlit brunches and moonlit walks, weaving versatility through your tresses.

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