Miley Cyrus Rocks Blunt Bangs And Chunky Highlights In An Adorable ‘90s Throwback

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Written by Annie Walton-Doyle

Updated: July 9, 2024

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Pop icon Miley Cyrus is taking fans on a nostalgic journey, sharing a charming throwback photo that showcases her rocking some quintessential ’90s hair trends. Her latest Instagram shows Miley sporting a hairstyle that perfectly encapsulates the bold and playful aesthetic of the decade.

Cyrus has once again proven her status as a hair chameleon, surprising fans with a new look that’s both nostalgic and fresh. On June 27, the typically social media-shy star shared two rare Instagram photos showcasing a hairstyle reminiscent of her Hannah Montana days, potentially signaling the start of a new musical era.

In the photo, Cyrus is seen with blunt bangs, a style that dominated the ’90s hair scene. These straight-across bangs frame her face, giving her a youthful and endearing look that was all the rage during that era. But it’s not just the bangs that scream ’90s – the chunky highlights in her hair truly seal the deal.

The chunky highlights, another hallmark of ’90s hair fashion, add dimension and a fun pop of color to young Miley’s locks. This style of highlighting, which involved bold, thick streaks of lighter color, was a far cry from the more subtle balayage techniques popular today.

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Cyrus, now 31, has traded her recent ’70s-inspired voluminous locks for a softer, more youthful style. Her new cut features chocolate brown hair styled in gentle waves, accented with warm blonde highlights throughout. The addition of wispy bangs, partially blonde, frames her face and adds a distinct Y2K vibe to the look.

This transformation is particularly noteworthy given Cyrus’s history of using hairstyles to define her musical eras. From the iconic pixie cut of her ‘Bangerz’ phase to the warm blonde with dark roots for ‘Malibu’, Cyrus’s hair has often been a visual representation of her evolving artistry.

The singer complemented her new hairstyle with a glowing complexion, sculpted cheeks, and a smoky eye. A peachy nude lip gloss completed the look, enhancing the overall early 2000s aesthetic.

Fans were quick to notice the similarity to Cyrus’s Hannah Montana persona, with comments referencing the Disney Channel show and her early music career. Some speculated that this change might herald a new album or musical direction, possibly with a ‘90s-inspired theme.

The singer’s decision to embrace this throwback look comes at a time when ’90s fashion and beauty trends are experiencing a major revival. From slip dresses to platform shoes, and yes, even chunky highlights, elements of ’90s style are making their way back into the mainstream.

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