Khloe Kardashian Breaks The Internet With New ‘Strawberry Shortcake Hair’

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Written by Annie Walton-Doyle

Updated: May 31, 2024

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Experimenting with new cuts and colors has reached new heights with the integration of cutting-edge formulas and an array of luxury haircare brands. Nowadays, delving into the realms of dye and bleach knows no seasonal bounds, promising hair health preservation throughout.

What could possibly rival the thrill of embracing a fresh season with a fresh coiffure?

Enter Khloé Kardashian, whose recent foray into a whimsical new hue epitomizes this sentiment, accompanied by a manicure to harmonize.

Renowned for her penchant for surprising transformations, Khloé’s latest endeavor hints at a more enduring metamorphosis. While earlier this spring saw the luminary unveil a copper infusion for her Fabletics collaboration, subsequent posts hinted at a return to her signature blonde.

However, on May 22, a series of snapshots surfaced with the caption “Strawberry Shortcake Vibes,” showcasing her latest chromatic revelation.

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image via @khloekardashian

People have gone absolutely wild for Khloe’s new look, flooding her Instagram comment section with praise.

One pens: “You can do no wrong,” while another agrees: “This is just so good!” Even the official Strawberry Shortcake Instagram account offered words of love, penning: “OBSESSED with this twin!!”

Channelling the zeitgeist of the moment, Khloé’s rendition of the “cowboy copper” trend boasts a bespoke fusion of tangerine and crimson, evoking a sunset-inspired allure tailored to her persona.

Tracey Cunningham, the visionary behind the transformation, elucidated the process on her Instagram, advocating against a base color for a more authentic appearance.

Commencing with lustrous golden highlights, the journey culminated in a glossy strawberry symphony, courtesy of Redken’s illustrious repertoire.

Complementing the chromatic transition, a corresponding sartorial shift ensued. Sporting luscious extensions by Priscilla Valles, Khloé’s 39-year-old visage exuded a cascade of face-framing layers, accentuating her features with voluminous allure reminiscent of Serena van der Woodsen’s prime.

The thematic cohesion extended to every facet of Khloé’s aesthetic, from her strawberry-infused nails, boasting a square silhouette and a blush of baby pink with a velvety texture, to her makeup selection.

Here, a muted berry blush imparted a natural flush, harmonizing with a just-bitten lip and the dramatic flutter of Ash Holm’s mascara wand.

Inadvertently, Khloé may have ignited one of the season’s most coveted trends in hair color. Dubbed Strawberry Shortcake red, this nuanced iteration of the perennial favorite offers a softer alternative, coupled with an endearing nomenclature befitting its whimsical allure.

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