Drew Barrymore’s Latest Hair Look Pays Homage To Her Iconic Charlie’s Angels Style

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Written by Annie Walton-Doyle

Updated: June 18, 2024

Drew Barrymore’s portrayal of Dylan Sanders in the Charlie’s Angels movies not only cemented her status as a beloved action star but also showcased truly iconic hair.

From the original 2000 film to its 2003 sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Barrymore’s hair was emblematic of early 2000s style. 

The standout hairstyle from the Charlie’s Angels franchise was the rocker chic look. Barrymore’s hair was styled in messy, edgy waves with a darker, more subdued colour palette.

This style captured the rebellious essence of Dylan Sanders, emphasizing her fearless and unconventional spirit. The rocker chic look, often paired with bold makeup and edgy outfits, solidified Dylan’s image as the quintessential bad girl with a heart of gold. 

In more recent years, Drew’s hair has taken on a more refined and versatile look. As a successful actress, producer, and entrepreneur, she has often been seen with polished, classic styles that exude confidence and maturity.

Whether she’s sporting a sleek bob, soft waves, or a sophisticated updo, Barrymore’s modern hairstyles reflect her evolution into a seasoned Hollywood veteran and businesswoman. 

But now, Drew has gone back to her Charlie’s Angels roots, with a perfectly 2000s-inspired blonde highlighted look. As one fan puts it, “I mean – I will always adore Drew, but I just am OBSESSED with her as a blonde!”

They do say that blondes have more fun, and it looks as though Drew agrees. This season, “It Girl blonde” is one of the trendiest hair colours, inspired by stars like Sienna Miller and Blake Lively. And even though Drew Barrymore has decided to revisit her blonde roots.

Collaborating with Chris Appleton and Charlotte Tilbury, Barrymore channeled her early 2000s self, reminiscent of her Charlie’s Angels premiere days, by transforming into a blonde with long, wavy hair.

Barrymore shared photos of her new look on June 5 and revealed the transformation on the June 6 episode of her talk show. Gwyneth Paltrow commented “Daaaaaang” on Barrymore’s Instagram post, perfectly capturing our reaction. There’s a lot to unpack, but let’s start with the hair.

Appleton drew inspiration from Barrymore’s look at the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle premiere, where she sported crimped blonde hair with dark roots. “I love all of Drew’s eras,” Appleton said in a video, “What a fun way to play dress up.” He styled her hair with beachy waves, blending darker blonde highlights with super bleached and dark brown pieces.

Charlotte Tilbury added her touch with a classic ’90s smoky, party-girl eye, inspired by Barrymore and Kate Moss.

On her Instagram, Tilbury shared the products she used: glittery gray shadows from her Luxury Palette, blending black Exagger-eyes Eyeliner for a smoky effect, and finishing with Lip Cheat liner in Iconic Nude paired with The Super Nudes Lipstick in Runway Royalty and Pillow Talk Plumpgasm in Fair to Medium.

In a nod to her past, Barrymore wore her iconic graphic tee reading “My Boyfriend Is Out Of Town,” which she famously donned at the premiere with co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

“I feel like that girl again!” Barrymore exclaimed in the video, to which Tilbury responded, “You are that girl.” We couldn’t agree more.

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