Cardi B Has Co-Signed On This Summer’s Hair Bow Trend

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Written by Annie Walton-Doyle

Updated: June 4, 2024

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Cardi B is more than just a multi-platinum rapper and media personality; she is a cultural phenomenon. Known for her audacious style, unapologetic attitude, and infectious personality, Cardi B has a knack for turning heads wherever she goes.

One of her most striking and constantly evolving features is her hair. From neon wigs to glamorous updos, Cardi B’s hair is as dynamic and versatile as the artist herself.

Cardi B’s hair journey is a vibrant exploration of the colour spectrum. She has sported nearly every hue imaginable, transforming her look to match her ever-changing aesthetic.

Her signature style often involves bold, bright colors, such as electric blue, fiery red, and neon green, each choice making a statement and showcasing her fearless approach to fashion. 

Cardi B frequently uses wigs and weaves to experiment with different hairstyles. These extensions allow her to switch from long, flowing locks to chic bobs, and from natural textures to sleek, straight strands with ease.

Wigs, in particular, have become a crucial part of her style arsenal, enabling her to undergo dramatic transformations without damaging her natural hair. This versatility also allows her to stay ahead of trends, often setting them herself.

At the 2018 Met Gala, she captivated audiences with a bejewelled, voluminous updo that perfectly complemented her regal ensemble. Another memorable look was her rainbow-colored hair at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, a playful yet stunning display of her ability to pull off even the most unconventional styles.

Each hairstyle is meticulously chosen to enhance her outfit, making her a true fashion chameleon. Her latest look, however, brings a sweet change of pace for the singer.

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This week, Cardi B posted a video on Instagram showcasing extra-long black hair adorned with a dozen mini hair bows. Although Cardi’s look is relatively simple on paper, the bows make a big statement.

Her super long, straight hair flowed down to her thighs, and when she turned around, she revealed dozens of tiny white and blue bows decorating her hair. Even though it feels like the peak of the bow era may be behind us, Cardi’s look is a reminder of how fun and playful this accessory can be.

In the video, Cardi sings her new song “Wanna Be,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Glorilla. She wears a yellow vest over a striped blue button-up, paired with a mini grey pleated skirt.

Knee-high tartan socks and a Hermes bag complete the outfit, giving it a distinctly Miu Miu-esque vibe, while the hair bows evoke the charm of Sandy Liang’s Fall/Winter 23 show.

For glam, Cardi stuck with her signature style. She sported skinny ’90s-inspired brows, smoky eyeshadow, and long, wispy lashes. Her cheeks were dusted with Barbie pink blush, and a combination of brown lip liner and nude lip gloss topped off the look.

It looks like many celebs are embracing bows for summer, and we’re hooked. While fashion may be moving past its bow era, this sweet accessory is ready for its beauty close-up.

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