The Best Hair Looks From The 2024 BET Awards

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Written by Annie Walton-Doyle

Updated: July 11, 2024

The 2024 BET Awards delivered not only a night of extraordinary musical performances and heartfelt speeches but also a dazzling display of fashion and beauty.

This year, the red carpet was ablaze with a stunning array of hairstyles that showcased creativity, cultural pride, and individual flair.

From intricate braids to bold, avant-garde styles, the stars brought their A-game, turning heads and setting trends. In this article, we spotlight the best hair looks from the 2024 BET Awards, celebrating the artistry and expression that made this night unforgettable.

Here are our favorite beauty looks from the 2024 BET Awards.

Taraji P. Henson

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image via @tarajiphenson

Taraji P. Henson dazzled with golden highlights in her angled bob, perfectly complementing her metallic golden gown. Her makeup featured gold shadow across her lids, enhancing her radiant look. To top it off, she sported a 3D gilded manicure that matched her overall golden theme.

Victoria Monét

BET 2 450 x 560
image via @victoriamonet

Victoria Monét opted for beachy, platinum blonde waves with a subtle root, giving her a sun-kissed appearance. Her deep blue manicure was a bold choice that matched her dress. The combination of light hair and vibrant nails created a striking, cohesive look.

Ice Spice

BET 3 450 x 560
image via @bet

Ice Spice embraced Hollywood glamour with a voluminous retro-inspired bob in her signature orange shade. She accentuated her eyes with a sharp black cat eye, adding drama to her look. Her playful duck-shaped French manicure added a unique touch to her ensemble.

Megan Thee Stallion

BET 4 450 x 560
image via @theestallion

Megan Thee Stallion made a statement with sleek, straight hair cascading down her back. Her makeup focused on a bold, smoky eye and a nude lip, highlighting her natural beauty. The overall look was both fierce and elegant, perfectly fitting her performance persona.

Halle Bailey

BET 5 450 x 560
image via @hallebailey

Halle Bailey showcased hip-length curls and locs that complemented her backless black gown. She chose a classic bright red manicure with translucent cherry tips for a pop of color. Her look was a blend of elegance and youthful vibrancy.

Chlöe Bailey

BET 6 450 x 560
image via @chloebailey

Chlöe Bailey turned heads with her strawberry blonde locs flowing down her back. Her makeup featured bronze shadow and winged black eyeliner, enhancing her striking features. The lipstick-shaped manicure covered in gemstones added an extra layer of glamour to her look.


BET 7 450 x 560
image via @tinashenow

Tinashe went for beachy waves in a warm, golden blonde hue, parted to one side. Her makeup was fresh and summery with peachy pink blush, winged liner, and lip gloss. The overall vibe was flirty and perfect for the season.

Mickey Guyton

BET 8 450 x 560
image via @mickeyguyton

Mickey Guyton opted for a sleek and chic long ponytail with a super deep side part. She paired her hairstyle with a classic smoky eye and a bright crimson red dress. The look was sophisticated and timeless.

Niecy Nash-Betts

BET 9 450 x 560
image via @niecynash1

Niecy Nash-Betts looked stunning with her long, undulating mermaid waves. She matched her hairstyle with blue-on-blue accessories, including sunglasses, gloves, and a clutch. Her look was a perfect blend of summer fun and elegance.

Tia Mowry

BET 10 450 x 560
image via @tiamowry

Tia Mowry embraced glamour with butt-length braids. She enhanced her look with a sultry, smoky bronze eye. The combination was both sophisticated and eye-catching.


Doechii dazzled with long, straight sandy blonde hair and bleached brows. Her dark lipstick and clumped-together lashes added an edgy twist to her look. The combination was bold and fashion-forward, fitting her dynamic personality.

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