49 Best Mid-Fade Haircut Ideas for Men

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

The mid-fade haircut is more than just a transitional style—it’s a statement of balance that perfectly merges the edgy and the elegant. Not too high, not too low, this cut captures the essence of versatility, making it a top pick for men who like to keep things fresh without venturing into extremes. Whether you’re complementing a pompadour or pairing it with a buzz cut, the mid-fade elevates your style to a whole new level.

Textured Crop with Mid Fade Accents

Get a cool look with the textured crop featuring mid-fade accents. This faded haircut works wonders for men with thick hair. Add some styling powder for that matte finish. It’s a look that complements almost any face shape.

#2. Mid-Fade with Angular Fringe

Mid Fade with Angular Fringe

Add a fashionable twist to your mid-fade by flaunting an angular fringe. The angular fringe adds the right amount of length to balance out your head shape. Good styling is crucial; try using some sea salt spray for added texture. This faded hairstyle is perfect for those with medium to thick hair.

#3. Mid-Fade with Asymmetrical Bangs

Mid Fade with Asymmetrical Bangs

Embrace an easy style by opting for the mid-fade with asymmetrical bangs. These hairstyles are particularly flattering for men with thick hair. Adding a volume spray to the bangs can give them lift, enhancing their overall appearance. To achieve this look, consider pairing this mid-fade with a clean beard fade.

#4. Faded Undercut with Hard Part

Faded Undercut with Hard Part

For an edgy style try a faded undercut with a hard parting. The distinct separation created by the parting along with the mid-fade will make a strong impression. You can use styling powder to add texture to a look. This haircut works well for men with square face shapes.

#5. The Gelled Back Elegance

The Gelled Back Elegance

Opt for the timeless elegance of gelled-back hair for a classic look. This mid-fade haircut pairs perfectly with attire like suits. A strong hold gel will provide a finish that lasts throughout the day. It’s suitable for men with medium to thick hair.

#6. Quiff Meets Mid-Fade

Quiff Meets Mid Fade

Combine two styles with quiff and mid-fade to get the best of both worlds. Create volume at the front with a quiff while maintaining balance in your face shape. Use salt spray to style your quiff and opt for a skin fade on the sides. This hairstyle is ideal if you have wavy hair.

#7. Casual Wavy Top and Mid-Fade

Casual Wavy Top and Mid Fade

Looking for an effortless style? Try the casual wavy top with a mid-fade. Enhance the waves with sea salt spray and achieve a clean finish with the mid-fade. This hairstyle suits those who have wavy or curly hair. For a more cohesive look, consider pairing it with a beard fade.

#8. Feathered Texture with Mid-Fade

Feathered Texture with Mid Fade

Add some personality to your hair with a feathered texture and a mid-fade. This style works wonders on medium hair types. Use styling powder to add volume and texture for a look that can transition seamlessly from day to night.

#9. Straight Line Up with Mid-Fade Sides

Straight Line Up with Mid Fade Sides

For a structured appearance, go for a straight line-up with mid-fade sides. This cut is especially flattering for men with hair. To maintain the top, opt for a matte-finish product that offers longevity throughout the day. The mid-fade on the sides provides a clean aesthetic.

#10. Two-Tone Mid-Fade with Blonde Highlights

Two Tone Mid Fade with Blonde Highlights

Make a statement by opting for a two-tone mid-fade hairstyle featuring blonde highlights. The contrast created by the hues makes this style truly stand out as an excellent choice for those looking to rock a champion-level mid-fade look. Styling plays a role, especially when it comes to considering a volume spray for the top. It’s particularly suitable for individuals with a round face shape.

#11. Faded Sides with Tight Curls

Faded Sides with Tight Curls

The faded sides combined with tight curls present an excellent mid-fade hairstyle option for those who have curly hair. To define the curls and give them an appearance, you can use sea salt spray. The sharp mid-fade on the sides creates a contrast that frames your face stylishly.

#12. Mid-Fade with a Defined Pompadour

Mid Fade with a Defined Pompadour

To achieve this look, you can opt for a mid-fade accompanied by a well-defined pompadour. Using styling powder can help maintain volume in the pomp. This style works best if you have length on top to create the desired pompadour effect. A clean mid-fade completes this look.

#13. The Tapered Comb Over

The Tapered Comb Over

The tapered comb-over offers a refined cut with a mid-fade touch. This faded hairstyle is ideal for men with thick hair, as it adds an element of classiness to their appearance. Enhancing the style further is possible by incorporating a side part, which contributes to its stylishness. To keep it in place, using a matte-finish product is recommended.

#14. Side-Swept Layers with a Mid-Fade

Side Swept Layers with a Mid Fade

For individuals seeking a trendy look, choosing side-swept layers paired with a mid-fade is an excellent option. It offers an easy style that can be worn for any occasion. Adding a midskin fade on the sides gives it a modern touch. This haircut works well for individuals with either straight or wavy hair.

#15. Mid Fade with Long Wavy Top

Mid Fade with Long Wavy Top

The mid-fade with a long wavy top is ideal for showcasing your natural waves. To achieve that off-the-beach appearance, apply sea salt spray. The mid-fade creates a contrast, allowing the wavy top to take center stage. It’s particularly suitable for those with a face shape.

#16. High Volume Spiky Mid Fade

High Volume Spiky Mid Fade

Make heads turn with a high-volume spiky mid-fade hairstyle. Use volume spray to achieve a skylift in your spikes. The mid-fade on the sides complements the top section of your hairdo. This look is perfect if you have hair and want to make an impactful statement.

#17. Mid Fade with Side-Parted Class

Mid Fade with Side Parted Class

Elevate your style game by opting for a mid-fade paired with a side-parted class hairstyle. The side part adds sophistication, making it suitable for formal events or gatherings. For a refined look, use a matte finish product when styling your hairdo. The seamless blend between the mid-fade cut and the side-parted top creates an overall polished appearance.

#18. Blown Out Mid Fade with Textured Top

Blown Out Mid Fade with Textured Top

Try upgrading your hairstyle with a blown-out mid-fade and a textured top. Achieve that look by using sea salt spray to create the desired texture. The mid-fade will provide a transition from the textured top to the skin-fade sides. This easy and casual style is perfect for outings.

#19. Mullet Revival with a Modern Mid-Fade

Mullet Revival with a Modern Mid Fade

Why not bring back the mullet with a modern twist? Opt for a mullet revival paired with a modern mid-fade style. Give your mullet an update by adding a midskin fade on the sides. If your hair has length, this retro meets modern look is sure to grab attention. Use quality styling powder to add texture and hold.

#20. Mid Fade with Buzzed Crown

Mid Fade with Buzzed Crown

For those who prefer low-maintenance hairstyles, consider a mid-fade with a buzzed crown. This style is ideal for men looking for a manly look. The buzzed crown complements the mid-fade, creating a neat appearance, especially suitable for those with thin hair types.

#21. Classic Taper with Mid-Fade Detail

Classic Taper with Mid Fade Detail

If you appreciate timeless styles, embrace them by opting for a classic taper combined with mid-fade detailing. Personalize this look through styling techniques. Add some texture by applying the right amount of sea salt spray. The mid-fade detail adds a touch that suits all types of face shapes.

#22. Salt and Pepper Mid-Fade

Salt and Pepper Mid Fade

For adventurous men, consider trying a salt-and-pepper mid-fade hairstyle. This particular fade style offers a look that complements the natural graying of your hair. Keeping a midskin fade on the sides keeps it up-to-date. To add texture to the top, you can use styling powder.

#23. Chic Side Part with Mid-Fade

Chic Side Part with Mid Fade

If you want to exude sophistication, go for a chic side part with a mid-fade cut. The combination of a part and mid-fade creates a refined appearance that is well-suited for professionals. To maintain your hair’s freshness and fullness, using a light-volume spray is recommended.

#24. Curly Top with Sharp Mid-Fade

Curly Top with Sharp Mid Fade

If you have curly hair, opt for a curly top with a sharp mid-fade style. Enhance your curls by using salt spray to make them stand out as the focal point of your hairstyle. The sharpness of the mid-fade adds an element, resulting in a look that is both soft and striking.

#25. Mid-Fade with Finger Waves

Mid Fade with Finger Waves

For those who like to be bold, consider going for a mid-fade style paired with finger waves. The finger waves create an attention-grabbing effect while maintaining modernity through the faded sides. To keep those waves intact, apply strong hold gel.

#26. Afro Puff with a Sleek Mid-Fade

Afro Puff with a Sleek Mid Fade

For those with kinky hair,  an Afro puff combined with a sleek mid-fade is the ideal choice. The mid-fade provides a contrast to the voluminous Afro puff. Apply a styling product to maintain the shape of your curly hair. This hairstyle encompasses both timeless and modern elements.

#27. Modernized Bowl Cut with Mid-Fade

Modernized Bowl Cut with Mid Fade

Bring back the 90s with a twist through an updated modernized bowl cut featuring a mid fade. The mid-fade adds an on-trend touch to this retro style. Opt for a matte-finish product for added modernity. This look suits individuals with hair and those who embrace bold fashion choices.

#28. The Brushed-Forward Mid-Fade

The Brushed Forward Mid Fade

If you desire an effortless appearance, consider trying out the brushed-forward mid-fade style. A light application of sea salt spray adds texture to the section brushed forward. The mid-fade on the sides ensures freshness and versatility. It’s a go-go hairstyle that’s perfect for casual occasions.

#29. Razor-Designed Mid Fade

Razor Designed Mid Fade

Unleash your side by opting for a razor-designed mid-fade hairstyle. Here are a few ways you can personalize your faded haircut by adding razor lines or designs. The mid-fade acts as a canvas for your creativity, so make sure you style it well to keep the design sharp and defined.

#30. Business Casual Mid-Fade

Business Casual Mid Fade

For a look that strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and formal, go for a business casual mid-fade. This style is suitable for any setting, whether it is the office or elsewhere. To add volume and depth, try using some volume spray. The mid-fade cut offers a finish that’s ideal for professional environments.

#31. Shaggy Top with Medium Skin Fade

Shaggy Top with Medium Skin Fade

If you want to achieve a relaxed appearance, consider going for a shaggy top with a medium skin fade. To give your hair an effortless beachy texture, try spritzing some sea salt spray. The medium skin fade helps lighten the look while still allowing you to maintain a casual aesthetic.

#32. Crispy High-Mid Fade

Crispy High Mid Fade

For those who desire an attention-grabbing look, the crispy high mid-fade is perfect. This unique blend of high fades creates a bold transition from top to bottom. To achieve texture and hold, consider using styling powder. Get ready to turn heads with this standout hairstyle.

#33. Mid-Fade with Long Waves

Mid Fade with Long Waves

Try out the mid-fade hairstyle with long waves to show off your curly or wavy hair. For some added texture and volume, apply a bit of sea salt spray. You’ll adore how the mid-fade creates a contrast with your flowing waves.

#34. Ivy League Mid-Fade

Ivy League Mid Fade

An Ivy League mid-fade is perfect for achieving a polished look. The classic Ivy League top pairs well with a medium fade. If you have thick hair, using some styling powder will give it the necessary hold. This style exudes intelligence and elegance.

#35. Razor-Sharp Mid-Fade Cut

Razor Sharp Mid Fade Cut

Achieve an impeccable appearance with the razor-sharp mid-fade cut. Keep every strand in place by using a hold gel. The precision of this cut truly shines against the canvas provided by the mid-fade. It’s a choice for men who appreciate a clean and structured look.

#36. Mid-Fade with Loose Pompadour

Mid Fade with Loose Pompadour

Bring back vibes in a modern way with the mid fade paired with a loose pompadour hairstyle. Opt for a pomade with a matte finish to provide hold without any shine. The contemporary touch of the mid-fade adds an element to this style. You’ll find this hairstyle suitable for either a day at work or a night out.

#37. Classic Undercut Meets Mid-Fade

Classic Undercut Meets Mid Fade

The combination of a classic undercut and a mid-fade brings together the best of both worlds. With length on the top, you can experiment with different styles. The medium fade creates a transition, adding a trendy twist. This style is perfect for giving an update to a timeless look.

#38. Double Layer Mid-Fade

Double Layer Mid Fade

A double-layered mid-fade creates an intriguing multi-layered effect. With one layer on top and another shorter beneath, you’ll have an eye-catching look that requires good styling to maintain its appeal. The medium bald fade allows the layers to take the stage.

#39. Mid-Fade with Relaxed Quiff

Mid Fade with Relaxed Quiff

Opting for a mid-fade with a relaxed quiff gives you the chance to enjoy an effortless yet stylish appearance. By using some matte-finish styling products, you can shape your short quiff perfectly. The addition of the mid-fade adds a touch, making it ideal for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

#40. Vintage High-Top with Mid-Fade

Vintage High Top with Mid Fade

Experience the nostalgia of a vintage high top while staying on trend with a mid-fade. The attention-grabbing high top combined with the touch of a fade creates an effortlessly cool look. Use a bit of styling gel to keep your top hairstyle in place.

#41. Mohawk with Mid-Low Fade

Mohawk with Mid Low Fade

Embrace your side with a mohawk hairstyle paired with a medium-low fade. To maintain that eye-catching mohawk, you’ll need strong hold gel. The gradual transition provided by the low fade emphasizes the focal point of the mohawk, making it truly stand out. This style shows that you’re not afraid to be different.

#42. Tousled Texture with Mid-Fade

Tousled Texture with Mid Fade

Achieve that effortlessly stylish ” out of bed” look with a tousled texture and a mid-fade. A small amount of sea salt spray will give you that undone texture. The clean contrast offered by the fade makes this hairstyle suitable for any casual occasion.

#43. Mid-Fade with Mini Faux Hawk

Mid Fade with Mini Faux Hawk

Opt for a subtle yet still impactful version of the classic mini faux hawk by choosing a mid-fade paired with it. Add some styling powder to create lift and hold for your hairdo. You’ll definitely appreciate the flair that the mid-fade brings to this fun hairstyle.

#44. Mid-Fade with Slicked Side Part

Mid Fade with Slicked Side Part

The combination of a mid-fade and a slicked side part gives you a timeless yet contemporary look. Using a styling gel, you can easily achieve perfectly slicked hair to the side. The mid-fade adds the finishing touch, making it suitable for face shapes.

#45. Messy Mid-Fade Crop

Messy Mid Fade Crop

Opting for a messy mid-fade crop will give you an effortlessly stylish appearance. Apply some sea salt spray to achieve that tousled texture on top. You’ll appreciate how the mid-fade crop creates a contrast with your intentionally messy locks. This style is ideal for those seeking a go-go look with plenty of character.

#46. Hard Part with Mid-Fade Taper

Hard Part with Mid Fade Taper

For a polished look, consider going for the hard part with a mid-fade taper. To maintain the defined part, make sure to use some styling gel or product of your choice. The mid-fade taper provides a transition, giving your style a modern edge. It’s perfect for individuals who desire an added touch of sophistication in their appearance.

#47. Layered Mid-Drop Fade

Layered Mid Drop Fade

The layered mid-drop fade offers a distinctive look that truly stands out. When you add layers on top, it creates depth and volume. The mid-drop fade is a transition that enhances the layered look. This haircut works well for both formal and informal occasions.

#48. Classic Buzz with Clean Mid-Fade

Classic Buzz with Clean Mid Fade

The mid-fade paired with a classic buzz cut represents simple and neat grooming. To give your buzz-cut texture, you can use a small amount of styling powder. The clean mid-fade ensures a transition from the top to the bottom providing an effortless and well-groomed appearance. This hairstyle is perfect for men who prefer maintenance and clean-cut looks.

#49. Spiky Mid Fade with Beard Fade

Spiky Mid Fade with Beard Fade

With a spiky mid-fade combined with a beard fade, you can make a statement. Use some styling gel to keep those spikes up throughout the day. You’ll appreciate how the beard fades blend smoothly with the fade on your head, creating a cohesive and eye-catching style.

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