96 Best Curly Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

Curly hair comes with its own set of styles, each showcasing the unique texture and personality of curly locks. In this collection of 96 best curly hairstyles and haircuts for men, you’ll find a wide range of styles to suit different preferences and occasions. From short, manageable cuts to longer, wilder styles, this guide covers a spectrum of looks that cater to varying curl types and face shapes.

Disheveled Curls with Tapered Sides

If you prefer a low-maintenance look that brings out the beauty of your curls, go for disheveled curls with tapered sides. This hairstyle offers a stylish appearance. For a touch of sophistication incorporate a taper fade for a sleek finish. To enhance the texture, you can use a volume spray to give your curls some lift.

#2. Curly Pompadour with Skin Fade

Curly Pompadour with Skin Fade

Revamp the classic pompadour hairstyle by adding some flair to it. A curly pompadour combined with a skin fade brings old-school glam into the contemporary era. This style is perfect for men blessed with curly hair, as it focuses on height and drama. To make those curls stand out more incorporate a skin fade into the mix. And don’t forget about styling powder – it can be your friend when maintaining this look.

#3. Loose Curls and Hard Part

Loose Curls and Hard Part

For those who prefer a casual appearance, consider combining loose curls with a hard part haircut. This combination offers an effortless charm that strikes the balance between structure and relaxation. These hairstyles are great for men who prefer curls and want to embrace their natural texture. To define the curls use some curl cream.

#4. Textured Curly Top with Low Fade

Textured Curly Top with Low Fade

Achieve a sophisticated look with a textured curly top and a low fade. The low taper fade seamlessly blends into the curly top creating a sleek appearance. You can enhance the style by applying argan oil for added shine. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for men with hair who desire a professional look.

#5. Mid-Length Voluminous Curls

Mid Length Voluminous Curls

Make a statement with mid-length voluminous curls that add flair and dimension to your natural curl pattern. To maintain lively curls, you can use some volume spray. This style is especially flattering for men with hair.

#6. Curly Undercut with Line Design

Curly Undercut with Line Design

Stand out from the crowd with the curly undercut featuring an eye-catching shaved line design. The combination of top and dramatic shaved lines creates an edgy and modern look that demands attention. Applying an amount of curling cream will help enhance the texture of this hairstyle, for men.

#7. Afro Curls with Temple Fade

Afro Curls with Temple Fade

Afro curls with a temple fade provide an appearance with a contemporary twist. This hairstyle highlights the volume and natural texture of your hair. The addition of a temple fade haircut adds an edge to the look. Make sure to use hair products to maintain your curls.

#8. Defined Curls with High Fade

Defined Curls with High Fade

Defined curls with a high fade are an excellent choice for showcasing your natural curl pattern. This curly haircut achieves an accentuated curl effect on top through a high fade technique. To preserve the finish of your curls consider using a sea salt spray.

#9. Thick Curls with Razor Line

Thick Curls with Razor Line

Thick curls with a razor line create a defined look. The razor line adds an element to this popular style while the thick curls provide volume. Applying some styling powder will help keep everything in place— suitable for individuals who prefer maintaining length in their hairstyle.

#10. Brushed-Back Natural Curls

Brushed Back Natural Curls

Brushed-back natural curls offer an effortless vibe. Ideal for men seeking a finish without compromising style this look allows your natural curl pattern to take center stage. Brush back your curls. Set them using salt spray, for added hold.

#11. Soft Curly Quiff

Soft Curly Quiff

A soft curly quiff gives you both approachable appeal. The soft curls create a texture contrast as they gradually fade making it a hairstyle for men that really stands out. For some added definition you can use a bit of curling cream. This style works well for those with fine hair.

#12. Curly Faux Hawk with Drop Fade

Curly Faux Hawk with Drop Fade

The curly faux hawk with drop-fading sides is trendy and stylish. The faux hawk style gives off a vibe while the faded sides provide a clean and polished look. Applying some curl cream will give your hair hold and texture. This curly haircut is guaranteed to catch people’s attention.

#13. Long Curly Locks with Man Bun

Long Curly Locks with Man Bun

Long curly locks styled into a man bun add a touch to your look. If you have messy curls pulling them up into a man bun at the back of your neck can add an element of sophistication. To achieve that texture you can use sea salt spray. This is the laid-back style for men with curly hair.

#14. Curly Taper with Shaved Sides

Curly Taper with Shaved Sides

The curly taper haircut with shaved sides has both timeless appeal and edginess to it. By keeping the top of curly locks while shaving the sides you create a striking contrast in your hairstyle. To maintain shine you can use argan oil on your curls. This curly cut easily transitions from day to night.

#15. High-Top Fade with Twists

High Top Fade with Twists

Looking to add some uniqueness to your look? Consider trying a high-top fade with twists. This hairstyle provides volume with the top and adds interesting texture with the twists. To give it a touch incorporate a burst fade. This style works well for men with tight curls.

#16. Short Curly Crew Cut

Short Curly Crew Cut

If you’re looking for a style with a twist go for a short curly crew cut. Managing short curls is easy especially if you’re transitioning from hair to embracing your natural curl. Add a low taper fade for a touch of modernity. Finish off the look with some styling products for that sleek appearance.

#17. Curly Fringe with Side Fade

Curly Fringe with Side Fade

For those who want to combine retro vibes with sensibility try out the curly fringe with side fade hairstyle. The fringe adds playfulness while the side fade creates a silhouette. Use curl cream to define those curls and showcase your natural texture while keeping some length.

#18. Wavy Slick-Back with Low Fade

Wavy Slick Back with Low Fade

If you’re into a Hollywood feel but want to give it a modern twist go for the wavy slick-back hairstyle with low fade. You can soften your curls into waves using the right products and adding that low fade will bring in that contemporary touch. A volume spray, such as a styling product can be useful for maintaining your hairstyle.

#19. Voluminous Curly Top with Side Part

Voluminous Curly Top with Side Part

A voluminous curly top with a side part can give you an appearance. The curls add volume to your hair while the side part adds a touch of style. You can enhance your curls by using some sea salt spray, which is quite popular and offers both chic and timeless aesthetics.

#20. Messy Curls with Mid-Taper Fade

Messy Curls with Mid Taper Fade

Messy curls combined with a mid-taper fade create an effortless cool vibe. This curly hairstyle is perfect for those who prefer a natural look. To keep your curls intact you can apply some styling powder. The mid-taper fade brings a level of edginess to this style.

#21. Full-bodied Curly Burst Fade

Full bodied Curly Burst Fade

The full-bodied burst fades with curly hair is a stylish choice that combines volume and intricate detailing. By having a fade on the sides it enhances the full curls at the top of your head creating an attractive profile. To give your curls a lift use some volumizing spray. This curly hairstyle is bound to make you stand out for all the reasons.

#22. Curly Side Sweep with Hard Part

Curly Side Sweep with Hard Part

If you’re looking for a look with a twist go for a curly side sweep with a hard part. The defined part adds structure while allowing your natural curls to flow freely. For hold and texture consider using a curling cream. It’s a timeless style that exudes both elegance and casual flair.

#23. Tight Curly Afro with Skin Fade

Tight Curly Afro with Skin Fade

A tight curly Afro with a skin fade pays homage to traditional Afro styles but adds a modern touch. The tight curls create a rich texture that truly stands out especially when paired with a gradual fade haircut. Make sure to choose products, like argan oil to keep your curls moisturized and vibrant looking. It’s a style that celebrates the beauty of natural hair texture.

#24. Medium-Length Curly Shag

Medium Length Curly Shag

Looking for a hairstyle that gives off a retro vibe? Consider the medium-length curly shag. With its layered structure, it adds movement and depth to your curls creating an almost bohemian feel. To maintain that carefree texture try using some sea salt spray. This haircut complements various face shapes and personal styles.

#25. Gelled Back Curly Hair

Gelled Back Curly Hair

For those occasions where you want to look polished yet relaxed gelled back curly hair is perfect. Choosing the product is crucial here. Opt for a high-hold gel that keeps your curls intact without making them crunchy. Adding a low taper fade on the sides can give it a touch. This sophisticated hairstyle for men strikes the balance between a put-together appearance and retaining the natural appeal of your curls.

#26. Wavy Fringe with Drop Fade

Wavy Fringe with Drop Fade

If you prefer curls with a touch of clean-cut sharpness consider the wavy fringe with drop fade style. The wavy fringe at the front beautifully frames your face while a drop fade adds definition to the sides and back. For added volume and hold try applying some styling powder. This popular option seamlessly blends both formal elements, in one look.

#27. Short and Textured Curl

Short and Textured Curl

For an effortless appearance consider opting for short and textured curls. This style is especially suitable if you have hair that could benefit from some added lift. Apply an amount of curling cream to define your natural curls and create texture. Keeping the sides faded adds a clean and tailored touch making it a versatile hairstyle option for men.

#28. Long Curls with Man Bun and Beard

Long Curls with Man Bun and Beard

Long curls paired with a man bun and beard provide a masculine look. Gather your locks into a man bun positioned at the back of the neck for an easygoing and relaxed style. Applying some argan oil will help keep both your hair and beard moisturized, resulting in a natural finish that is perfect for the modern man.

#29. Thick Curly Crop with High Fade

Thick Curly Crop with High Fade

A thick curly crop with a high fade is a popular choice that emphasizes volume and texture. The high fade creates striking contrast drawing attention to your crop as the focal point. Use some styling powder to maintain control over your curls; this hairstyle is an excellent option, for men seeking a youthful and trendy appearance.

#30. Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

The asymmetrical curly bob is an intriguing style that adds uniqueness to your overall look. Featuring curls in the front and shorter ones in the back this curly haircut adds a modern twist to the classic bob style. To keep it looking fresh and beach ready try using some sea salt spray. It’s a practical choice for those with curly hair.

#31. Temple Fade with Defined Curls

Temple Fade with Defined Curls

Achieve a yet relaxed look with defined curls and a temple fade. This hairstyle focuses on tapering around the temples while letting your natural curls take the stage on top. For added definition and shine use curling cream. It’s an easy-to-maintain style that works well for various occasions.

#32. Low Fade with Curly Quiff

Low Fade with Curly Quiff

Give a touch to a timeless hairstyle with a low fade and curly quiff combination. The low taper fade creates a backdrop for the textured curl at the top. To maintain the height and texture of the quiff apply some curl cream. This trendy look suits men of all ages.

#33. Curly Mohawk with Shaved Lines

Curly Mohawk with Shaved Lines

If you’re looking to make a statement consider going for the daring option of a curly mohawk with shaved lines. The Mohawk hairstyle highlights the curls on top of your head while the shaved lines on the sides give it an edgy touch. Adding some volume spray can enhance the effect of your curly locks. It’s a daring hairstyle that requires confidence.

#34. Curly Hair Tucked Behind Ears

Curly Hair Tucked Behind Ears

Tucking your curly hair behind your ears offers a more reserved but still fashionable look. This style works best for curls and allows your face to be the main focus. Using sea salt spray can add a hint of texture to complete the look. This hairstyle is perfect for men who prefer a yet stylish way to manage their curly hair.

#35.  Curly Angular Fringe

Curly Angular Fringe

Opting for a curly angular fringe is an eye-catching choice that adds geometric flair to your natural curls. The sharp angles of the fringe create a contrast, with the soft curves of your curls. Applying some styling powder helps maintain those defined angles. It’s a curly haircut that grabs attention and showcases individuality.

#36. Casual Curly Tousle

Casual Curly Tousle

The casual tousled curls style is maintenance and highlights the natural texture of your hair. By adding a touch of salt spray you can achieve that messy look while still appearing refined. A relaxed hairstyle can be enhanced with a fade on the sides adding some structure to the overall look. It’s a choice for men who prefer a natural finish.

#37. High-Top Curly Afro

High Top Curly Afro

For those who love retro styles, the top curly Afro celebrates the volume and texture of natural curls. By keeping the sides shorter with a skin fade the focus is drawn to the Afro itself. To maintain hydrated and shiny curls consider using argan oil. This hairstyle truly makes a statement for men.

#38. Side-Parted Curly Hair with Beard

Side Parted Curly Hair with Beard

A versatile and masculine look suitable for both professional settings or nights out is achieved with side-parted hair paired with a well-groomed beard. The side part adds an element of timeless style while complementing your locks with elegance. For definition and hold applying some curling cream can do wonders. This popular style is ideal for men seeking a balanced appearance.

#39.  Curly Hair with Middle Part

Curly Hair with Middle Part

Having curly hair with a middle part can give you a relaxed and youthful vibe. The symmetry of the part allows your curls to frame your face evenly. To keep the structure of your curls intact apply an amount of curl cream. This style is playful yet balanced making it suitable for both semi-formal occasions.

#40. Disconnected Curly Undercut

Disconnected Curly Undercut

The disconnected curly undercut creates a contrast between the shaved sides and your voluminous curls. The undercut is intentionally disconnected meaning there’s a difference between the top and sides without any fade in between. For added volume use a volume spray to lift your curls. This bold choice adds a touch to your curly hairstyle.

#41. Slicked-Back Curly Hair

Slicked Back Curly Hair

Slicking-back curly hair is a sophisticated look that pays homage to classic styles. By using a product like water-based pomade you can easily manage your curls while achieving the slicked-back appearance. Adding a low taper fade on the sides gives this retro-inspired style a twist. It’s an option for formal events when you want to look polished.

#42. Curly Pompadour with Drop Fade

Curly Pompadour with Drop Fade

The curly pompadour with drop fade brings an update to a timeless style. The drop fade transitions from the curly top while the pompadour adds impressive height. Use some styling powder to maintain the volume and integrity of the pompadour. It’s a curly hairstyle that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.

#43. The Curly Bowl Cut

The Curly Bowl Cut

Believe it or not, the curly bowl cut is making a comeback among younger men. A touch of styling product helps keep the bowl shape intact while the natural curl gives it a modern touch. A subtle taper fade at the neckline keeps it looking. It’s a men’s hairstyle that combines nostalgia with contemporary fashion.

#44. Curls with Hard Part

Curls with Hard Part

Curls with a hard parting combine classic elements with modern textures. The neat parting cleanly separates your top from the sides adding an extra touch of sophistication. Apply curl cream to keep your curls defined and free from frizz. It’s a favored style, for men who appreciate both timeless and current elements.

#45. Curly High and Tight

Curly High and Tight

The curly high and tight is a haircut inspired by styles that offer a tidy and disciplined look. Your natural curls are kept short while the sides feature a high skin fade. When it comes to styling products it’s best to go for an approach. Applying an amount of argan oil will suffice. This particular hairstyle is great for men who prefer a maintenance yet impactful style.

#46. Long-Layered Curls

Long Layered Curls

Long layered curls offer an effortlessly cool appearance that highlights the natural texture of your hair. The layers bring movement and depth making it an excellent choice for men with curly hair. To enhance the effect and give it a beachy feel you can use some sea salt spray. This style keeps the length while ensuring your hair remains manageable.

#47. Curly Ivy League Cut

Curly Ivy League Cut

The curly Ivy League cut is a refined look that works perfectly in professional settings. The sides are trimmed shorter with a taper fade while the top is left longer to showcase your curly locks. Applying some curl cream will enhance the definition. Add shine to this hairstyle that combines intellectual charm with ruggedness.

#48. Curly Fringe with Undercut

Curly Fringe with Undercut

An undercut paired with a curly fringe creates an energetic and youthful style suitable for casual outings. The undercut sets apart the fringe making it the focal point of your overall look. To keep those curls lively and buoyant you can use volume spray. This particular style is about achieving a harmonious balance by combining edgy and playful elements seamlessly.

#49. Curly Caesar Cut

Curly Caesar Cut

The curly variation of the Caesar cut is a hairstyle that showcases a straight horizontal fringe. However, this version allows your natural curls to flourish within the framework of the Caesar cut. Adding a low taper fade on the sides gives it a touch. To keep the top groomed and free from frizz you can apply some curling cream.

#50. Short Curly Crop with Side Design

Short Curly Crop with Side Design

Opting for a short curly crop with a side detailing design offers an artistic and distinctive appearance. The crop allows your short curls to thrive while incorporating personalized touches like shaved lines or geometric patterns on the side. A small amount of styling powder can help maintain your crop throughout the day ensuring both individual expression and a clean stylish look.

#51. Reverse Mullet for Curly Hair

Reverse Mullet for Curly Hair

For men with curly hair who are bold risk-takers the reverse mullet is an excellent choice. Unlike its counterpart, this style features longer locks at the front and shorter curls at the back. Using a light hold gel can help preserve those curls and maintain texture in this fashionable curly cut.

#52. Curly Quiff with Shaved Lines

Curly Quiff with Shaved Lines

The curly quiff with shaved lines is a way to enhance your appearance. It beautifully accentuates your curls while the shaved lines on the sides add a touch of edginess. Just a small amount of argan oil will keep your hair shiny and healthy. This hairstyle is perfect for men who want both style and structure.

#53. High Top Curly Fade

High Top Curly Fade

The high-top curly fade is a trendy choice that adds impressive height and volume. The high top showcases your hair while the fade gives it a clean and polished finish. Using some curl cream will. Give volume to your curls. It’s a hairstyle for men who want to stand out in a crowd without hesitation.

#54. Asymmetrical Curly Undercut

Asymmetrical Curly Undercut

If you’re looking for something cool consider an asymmetrical curly undercut. One side features an undercut than the other creating an interesting and edgy look. Enhancing your curls with sea salt spray can give them a beachy texture. This striking curly hairstyle guarantees to catch everyone’s attention.

#55. Angular Fringe with Curls

Angular Fringe with Curls

 An angular fringe with curls adds a geometric element to your curly hairstyle. The angled fringe creates an eye-catching contrast, with the roundness of your curls resulting in a visually captivating look. To maintain the shape and texture of your fringe and curls try using a volume spray. This particular hairstyle works well for men with fine hair as it adds an illusion of thickness and dimension.

#56. Mohawk with Tight Curls

Mohawk with Tight Curls

A mohawk with tight curls is a way to showcase the natural texture of your hair. The sides are either shaved or faded allowing the coiled locks on top to stand out. You can use styling powder to give this gravity-defying look lift and hold. It’s a choice for men who desire a hairstyle that leaves a lasting impression.

#57. Double Part Curly Haircut

Double Part Curly Haircut

The double-part curly haircut is a unique style that brings a balanced and symmetrical look to your appearance. It incorporates two shaved lines that frame your curly top adding definition and shine. This hairstyle is perfect for men who appreciate the harmony of geometry in their look.

#58. Flat Top Curls

Flat Top Curls

Flat top curls offer a blend of retro charm with a twist. The flat top allows your curly hair to form a smooth and even surface on the crown while a gradual fade adds a touch. When it comes to styling less is more for this curly cut; just a small amount of curl cream should do the trick. This style combines elements from the past. Present to create an unforgettable impression.

#59. Low Drop Fade with Messy Curls

Low Drop Fade with Messy Curls

The low-drop fade with messy curls is an effortless and easy-to-maintain hairstyle for men. The drop fade draws attention to your tousled curls while sea salt spray can enhance that relaxed vibe you’re after. You’ll appreciate the finish and laid-back appeal of this curly hairstyle.

#60. Curly Taper with Beard

Curly Taper with Beard 1

A curly taper paired with a beard is a timeless masculine look that seamlessly combines facial hair with your natural curls. Applying a bit of styling product can help enhance the manageability and definition of curls. The addition of a beard adds an appealing touch making it a popular choice among men who want to project an all-around macho image.

#61. Middle-Parted Natural Curls

Middle Parted Natural Curls

The style of middle-parted natural curls offers a relaxed and free-flowing curly hairstyle. Parting your hair down the middle it allows the curls to naturally frame your face. A small amount of curling cream can be used to define your curls without making them stiff. This look effortlessly combines style with comfort.

#62. Tight Curl Pompadour

Tight Curl Pompadour

A tight curl pompadour takes the classic pompadour style to new heights by incorporating your natural curls. This hairstyle adds volume at the front while keeping the length minimal on the sides accompanied by a skin fade haircut. Using argan oil will help maintain the shine and health of your curls. If you’re seeking a blend of modern vibes this hairstyle is perfect for you.

#63. Curly Hair with Shaved Design

Curly Hair with Shaved Design

Unleash your creativity with curly hair that features a shaved design on one or both sides of your head. By using curl cream you can make your curly top stand out against the design. This particular style may not suit everyone’s taste. It definitely adds a unique and distinctive touch to your overall look.

#64. Low Bun for Curly Hair

Low Bun for Curly Hair

A low bun is a hairstyle for men with curly hair that can be both casual and elegant. Simply gather your curls at the back of your neck. Secure them into a simple bun. You can enhance the look by using sea salt spray to create texture giving the style an intricate appearance despite its simplicity.

#65. Curly Locks with Angular Undercut

Curly Locks with Angular Undercut

For those with curly locks, you can achieve a stylish twist by combining them with an angular undercut. This hairstyle maintains a mass of curls on top while introducing sharp angles on the sides. By adding a fade you can create extra depth and dimension to this eye-catching style that beautifully blends classic and avant-garde sensibilities.

#66. Long Curly Fringe

Long Curly Fringe

With a long curly fringe, you have the perfect opportunity to let your natural curls shine. While taper fading the back and sides create a look allowing your long curls in front add a soft contrast that stands out elegantly. To keep your fringe looking fresh and lively throughout the day consider using some volume spray.

#67. Curly Hair with Side Shave

Curly Hair with Side Shave

For those seeking a daring style consider combining curly hair with a side shave for added impact. Shaved on one side while leaving the side with flowing curls. You can use styling powder to add lift and hold making this unbalanced style look its best.

#68. Wavy Top with Low Fade

Wavy Top with Low Fade 1

If you have curly hair, a wavy top with a low fade is a great option. This hairstyle highlights the texture of your curls and pairs it with a neat fade haircut on the sides. Just a small amount of the product can keep your waves defined and stylish.

#69. Tousled Curls with Middle Fade

Tousled Curls with Middle Fade

For a relaxed appearance, try tousled curls with a middle fade. The middle -fade helps balance the curls on top and using some sea salt spray will enhance their natural texture giving them a windswept look.

#70. Curly High-Top Fade

Curly High Top Fade

If you want to make a statement, go for a curly high-top fade haircut. This style combines volume and sharp lines by featuring curls on top that gradually transition into a taper fade on the sides. To make your curls more defined apply some curl cream for a look that blends style and structure.

#71. Romantic Curly Bob

Romantic Curly Bob

The romantic curly bob with hair is a great choice for showcasing your medium-length curls. It offers a more charming look that works well for dates or casual outings. To keep your curls healthy and shiny consider using argan oil. This timeless and popular style can be adapted to settings.

#72. Short Curly Hair with Drop Fade

Short Curly Hair with Drop Fade

Short curly hair with a drop fade is a minimalist option that highlights your curls without overwhelming them. The drop fade adds a twist to the classic short curl hairstyle. For a finish and defined curls, you can use a small amount of curling cream. It’s an effortless yet look for men with curly hair.

#73. Curly Hair with Zig-Zag Part

Curly Hair with Zig Zag Part

Make a statement with hair featuring an unconventional zig-zag part. This unique parting adds a touch to your curly top. To enhance this hairstyle consider using texturizing volume spray for added texture and volume. It’s truly one of a kind, for those who are willing to break the norm.

#74. Beachy Waves and Curls

Beachy Waves and Curls

Get the laid-back vibe of beach waves and curls recreating the relaxed effect of spending a day at the beach. To make the most of this style sea salt spray is your companion. It adds definition to your texture while giving a relaxed finish. This hairstyle is perfect for men who prefer a laid-back and effortless look.

#75. Curly Crop with Front Fringe

Curly Crop with Front Fringe

A curly crop with a front fringe draws attention to your face while the short sides and back maintain a tidy appearance. This haircut strikes a balance between textured curls and a neat overall look. Using a styling product will help keep your front fringe and curls looking fresh. It’s a timeless combination.

#76. Curly Afro with Shaved Line

Curly Afro with Shaved Line

Incorporating a twist into a classic style the curly Afro with a shaved line adds visual interest by breaking up the uniformity of the curly top. Applying curling cream will help maintain the shape and form of your afro. This hairstyle is a way to showcase your hair’s natural volume and texture.

#77. Medium Length Layered Curls

Medium Length Layered Curls

Medium-length layered curls create a sense of depth and dimension enhancing the beauty of your hair. These layers not only reduce weight but also add movement especially when you use a texturizing spray. This particular hairstyle is perfect for individuals with hair as it allows for a fuller and more dynamic appearance. It’s an option that provides men with the opportunity to maintain their desired length while introducing some intricacy to their overall style.

#78. Wavy Bob with Side Part

Wavy Bob with Side Part

The side-part wavy bob offers an effortlessly stylish look. This hairstyle beautifully showcases your curls gracefully flowing down to the base of your neck. Adding a touch of sea salt spray can enhance those waves giving you that off-the-beach vibe. It’s a choice for men who appreciate subtle elegance and effortless chic.

#79. Short Curly Hair with Nape Undercut

Short Curly Hair with Nape Undercut

The nape undercut paired with your short curly hair is both practical and fashionable. The undercut starts at the nape of your neck adding a layer of sophistication to your overall look. To maintain the texture on top consider using curling cream for a more organic finish. This style is particularly suitable, for men who prefer shorter hair lengths but still want to incorporate some texture.

#80. Man Bun with Loose Curls

Man Bun with Loose Curls

The man bun with loose curls is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. You can gather your hair into a bun allowing a few strands to hang loosely for an extra stylish touch. To maintain the shape of the bun you can use an amount of styling powder. This hairstyle offers a choice that strikes a great balance between laid-back and chic.

#81. Curly Fade with Double Line

Curly Fade with Double Line

Another trendy option is the fade with a double line. It takes the classic fade haircut. Adds an element of fun. Two shaved lines run parallel on one side drawing attention to your hair on top. To keep your curls looking their best you can apply a curl cream. This head-turning style is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

#82. Long Textured Curls

Long Textured Curls

For those who want to embrace their curls, long textured curls are an excellent choice. Adding some texturizing spray will enhance the volume and movement, in your curls further. It’s worth noting that this curly hairstyle may require some time for proper hair care. It’s all worth it as it showcases a romantic and artistic flair that is undeniably attractive.

#83. Curly Hair with Temple Fade

Curly Hair with Temple Fade

Curly hair paired with a temple fade creates a defined appearance that enhances the natural texture of your curls. The fade starts at the temples. Gradually tapers down framing your face beautifully. To enhance the vibrancy of your curls consider applying some styling products for an effortless and natural finish. This trendy style offers a take on a popular look giving you an effortlessly cool vibe.

#84. Tousled Curly Hair

Tousled Curly Hair

Tousled curly hair exudes a laid-back and relaxed vibe. Achieve this disheveled look by using sea salt spray or styling powder, which brings out the natural texture and adds volume to your hair. It’s a choice for casual occasions when you want to appear effortlessly stylish, with that “just rolled out of bed” appearance.

#85. Wet-Look Curls

Wet Look Curls

Glossy wet look curls offer a shiny finish that sets it apart from traditional curly hairstyles. To maintain this look throughout the day opt for a strong hold gel or similar product. This versatile hairstyle works well for both outings and formal events providing you with flexibility without compromising on style. If you’re a fan of the effortless look right after a shower this style is perfect for you.

#86. Curly Crew Cut with Skin Fade

Curly Crew Cut with Skin Fade

The curly crew cut with skin-faded sides combines the neatness of a military-inspired cut with the wild charm of curls. The faded sides highlight the top creating a striking contrast. It’s an easy-to-maintain look that only requires a small amount of curling cream to keep everything in place. This hairstyle exudes a masculine appearance while still embracing texture and style.

#87. Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Style

Half Up Half Down Curly Style

The half-up, half-down curly style offers a fun way to manage your curly locks. Gather half of your hair into a stylish man bun while letting the lower half flow freely. A light spritz of volumizing spray can add fullness to both sections. This hairstyle for men strikes a balance between practicality and fashion giving you the best of both worlds.

#88. Classic Pompadour with Curly Twist

Classic Pompadour with Curly Twist

Take your classic pompadour to new heights by incorporating your natural curl twists. This hairstyle provides volume on top beautifully contrasting with a low taper fade, on the sides. Keep your curls defined and full-bodied by using a touch of curling cream. These hairstyles are designed to enhance your curls and bring out their beauty in a fresh and timeless way.

#89. Tight Curly Afro

Tight Curly Afro

The tight-curly Afro is all about embracing and showcasing the beauty of your natural curls. To achieve the results use a styling product that enhances your hair texture while taming frizz. This hairstyle exudes confidence and individuality representing pride.

#90.  Curly Fringe with Shaved Sides

Curly Fringe with Shaved Sides

The combination of curly fringe and shaved sides creates a trendy youthful look. The bangs draw attention to your curls while the shaved sides add a touch. This style not only accentuates your face but also reflects your unique personality. Keep the bangs in place by applying an amount of styling powder for added structure.

#91. High Top Fade with Curly Locks

High Top Fade with Curly Locks

The elevated high-top fade with curly locks is an attention-grabbing hairstyle that showcases towering curls you can’t ignore. The gradual fade leads up to a crown of curls creating a captivating effect. Maintain those sky locks by using some curl cream for extra hold and definition. This hairstyle celebrates the beauty of your curls in grand fashion.

#92. Casual Curly Quiff

Casual Curly Quiff

The casual curly quiff is a relaxed version of a classic sophisticated hairstyle. It embraces your curls and incorporates a gradual fade to accentuate the voluminous top section. Spraying on some sea salt spray will enhance your hair’s texture giving you an effortless and laid-back appearance. This versatile style seamlessly transitions from day to night making it suitable for any occasion.

#93. Curly Hair with Side Designs

Curly Hair with Side Designs

For those looking to make a statement consider opting for curly hair with side designs. This unique choice involves patterns etched into a skin fade creating a visually appealing contrast with the curly top section. It’s worth noting that maintaining these lines may require regular touch-ups but the end result is a truly one-of-a-kind men’s hairstyle. To add a touch of luxury to your curls lightly apply some argan oil for a glossy finish.

#94. Wavy Pompadour with Beard

Wavy Pompadour with Beard

Another great option is the wavy pompadour paired with a beard. This style combines hair swept back into a pompadour shape with facial hair for added flair. The contrast, between the textured waves and groomed beard creates an attractive overall look that exudes confidence and style.

#95. Messy Curls with Middle Part

Messy Curls with Middle Part

For an effortless appearance, you can try messy curls with a middle part. By parting your hair down the middle you accentuate your face with your curls. Adding some volume spray will give your locks bounce and vitality. This curly hairstyle suits settings perfectly and emits an approachable and friendly vibe.

#96. Double Man Bun with Loose Curls

Double Man Bun with Loose Curls

The double man bun paired with loose curls is designed for those who enjoy defying conventions. Divide your hair into two sections creating two buns at the back of your neck. Adding some sea salt spray will infuse some texture to the loose curls cascading down. It’s an unconventional look that showcases your unique personality.

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