41 Best Hair Color Ideas for Men

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

Men are increasingly using hair color to self-express because it is a strong tool for self-expression. The range of hair color ideas for men runs from subtle highlights that build volume and depth to bold, all-over colors capable of producing a statement. Whether you’re planning a natural sun-kissed look, white-blonde risk, or a bright unnatural hue – there’s a color meant for your personality and lifestyle.

Midnight Blue Undercut

A midnight blue undercut is a hair color choice for men who want to make a bold statement. It works best for those with a medium to darker complexion and adds an eye-catching touch to textured hair. To enhance the color more, you can use matte clay to style the undercut and make it stand out. The deep shades of blue give off an edgy vibe, especially when paired with a sharp-line design.

#2. Fiery Red Mohawk

Fiery Red Mohawk

The fiery red mohawk is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you have a dark skin tone, this hair color will bring out your features in an amazing way. To maintain the hue of this bold hairstyle, it is recommended to use professional products that are specifically designed for maintaining red hair. Pairing a Mohawk with a disconnected combover creates an absolutely breathtaking look.

#3. Cool Lavender Fade

Cool Lavender Fade

The cool lavender fade is a stunning idea for changing your hair color. It goes well with complexions and adds a soft and romantic aura to your overall appearance. To keep the fade looking fresh and maximize texture, using styling powder is highly recommended. This particular color looks especially striking when seen in sunlight.

#4. Golden Sun-Kissed Waves

Golden Sun Kissed Waves

Golden sun-kissed waves are perfect for individuals with skin tones. This beachy and captivating hair color choice can instantly brighten up your face. Enhance your overall appearance. Consider adding highlights to create dimension within your waves. Please keep in mind that the color mentioned requires maintenance using purple shampoo.

#5. Titanium Silver Taper

Titanium Silver Taper

The titanium silver taper hairstyle offers an appearance, especially for those transitioning to gray hair. It suits any skin tone. Adds a touch of maturity to one’s overall look. To maintain the white platinum color, specialized hair products are recommended. Alternatively, you can consider trying a silver hipster cut for a style.

#6. Subtle Rose Gold Accents

Subtle Rose Gold Accents

Subtle rose gold accents look stunning on textured hair. If you’re looking for a hair color that complements skin tones, this is an excellent choice. Achieve a light-catching effect by using matte clay for a matte finish. The rose gold accents can also add undertones to enhance your overall look.

#7. Lush Forest Green Locks

Lush Forest Green Locks

Lush forest green locks can give men an exotic appearance as their hair color choice. This shade works well for those with medium complexions, bringing out the warmth in their skin tone. Styling with matte clay can create a rugged texture while incorporating copper hints, into the green can add depth and complexity to the overall hair color.

#8. Smoky Ash Grey Pompadour

Smoky Ash Grey Pompadour

A smoky ash grey pompadour is versatile. Suits any hair type perfectly. If you have a skin tone, the ashy blonde shades will really stand out. Use a matte clay to keep the hairstyle in place. To maintain this gray hair color invest in a high-quality purple shampoo.

#9. Deep Espresso Buzz Cut

Deep Espresso Buzz Cut

The deep espresso buzz cut is a timeless hair color option that suits men with skin tones. The dark shades create a natural and low-maintenance look. For a touch, consider adding a sharp line design on the sides. This espresso color pairs perfectly with any hair texture.

#10. Bold Teal Faux Hawk

Bold Teal Faux Hawk

A bold teal faux hawk offers a youthful hair color choice for men. This shade looks amazing on medium skin tones and textured hair. Achieve the desired matte effect by using matte clay styling products. The teal hue adds a vibe that is bound to attract attention.

#11. Electric Purple Ombre

Electric Purple Ombre

The electric purple ombre is an attention-grabbing hair color option for men who enjoy making a statement. It works well with textured hair and complements various skin tones. Use volumizing styling powder to maintain fullness and dimension in your hairstyle. To preserve the vibrancy of the color, opt for professional-grade products.

#12. Coppery Auburn Slicked-Back Hair

Coppery Auburn Slicked Back Hair

A coppery auburn slicked-back hairstyle is an inviting shade that suits men with a warm skin tone. This color looks fantastic when paired with a line design to add some extra style. Maintaining the freshness of this hair color requires upkeep. The addition of a copper shade adds depth and richness to the overall look.

#13. Subtle Pastel Pink Crew Cut

Subtle Pastel Pink Crew Cut

For men who want to experiment with shades, a subtle pastel pink crew cut is an excellent choice. This blonde hue complements skin tones and works best on medium-textured hair. To keep the color vibrant, it is recommended to use a shampoo specifically formulated for pigmented hair. The pastel pink shade offers an undertone that will make you stand out in a unique way.

#14. Warm Peach Quiff

Warm Peach Quiff

The warm peach quiff is a choice for men who wish to add warmth to their appearance. It suits those with a complexion and looks remarkable against textured hair. Achieve the desired style by using matte clay for a finish. Opting for peach as your hair color provides an alternative to icy white platinum shades.

#15. Elegant Cherry Blossom Top Knot

Elegant Cherry Blossom Top Knot

Choosing a cherry blossom top knot as your hair color is an exceptional and distinctive choice for men. This pink hue works wonderfully on all hair types and beautifully complements warm skin tones. The top knot is a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and stands out. You can use styling powder to add texture and hold to your knot.

#16. Comb Over with an Ocean-Inspired Turquoise Color

Comb Over with an Ocean Inspired Turquoise Color

An ocean-inspired turquoise comb-over is a hair color idea that’s vibrant and bound to attract attention. It’s perfect for individuals with a bright complexion, as it gives off a refreshing, summery vibe. Style it with matte clay for a combover that showcases the turquoise color. This color looks striking on textured hair.

#17. Side Part in Spiced Pumpkin Shade

Side Part in Spiced Pumpkin Shade

A spiced pumpkin side part emits warmth. It is ideal for those with warm skin tones. The hue complements individuals with a complexion and suits medium-textured hair well. Use styling powder to maintain the side part and enhance texture. This color is a choice for autumn but can be rocked in any season.

#18. Curls Tinted in Deep Wine

Curls Tinted in Deep Wine

Deep wine-tinted curls bring richness to your hair texture. Work well with various skin tones. This luxurious color adds a touch of sophistication. Use matte clay to define your curls, creating a matte effect that complements the wine shade beautifully. It’s an elegant hair color option for men.

#19. Royal Amethyst Mullet

Royal Amethyst Mullet

If you’re someone who likes to make choices, the royal amethyst mullet is a daring option for you. This hair color suits medium and warm skin tones well. To enhance the mullet’s texture, use matte clay while styling it. The purple tones of this hair color bring a vibe to the classic mullet style.

#20. Sunflower Yellow Spikes

Sunflower Yellow Spikes

Add a touch to your look with sunflower yellow spikes. This color looks great on individuals with a complexion and brings brightness to any hair type. Achieve defined spikes by using matte clay for styling. It’s a hair color idea, especially for the summer months.

#21. Warm Cinnamon Waves

Warm Cinnamon Waves

Embrace an inviting appearance with warm cinnamon waves, which particularly flatter men with warm-toned skin. For an airy look, maintain the wavy texture using styling powder. Cinnamon is a hair color choice that can be dressed up or down effortlessly.

#22. Classic Jet-Black Caesar

Classic Jet Black Caesar

The classic jet-black caesar is a timeless hair color idea that complements every skin tone beautifully. It’s a stylish option suitable for all types of hair. By adding line designs on the sides, you can give it an extra edge. With minimal upkeep required, this jet-black color retains its appearance over time.

#23. Vibrant Neon-Orange

Vibrant Neon Orange

Looking to make a statement? Consider the vibrant neon-orange hair color. It looks absolutely radiant on medium skin tones. It adds an electrifying touch to any hair texture. For a defined matte finish, use matte clay. This bold color for men is bound to turn heads.

#24. Mermaid Tones

Mermaid Tones

If you’re after a whimsical hair color, try out the enchanting mermaid shades. Perfectly suited for fair complexions. This multi-toned look offers endless visual interest. To maintain the style and add contrast, use styling powder. The iridescent hues work well on textured hair.

#25. Frosty Alabaster Locks

Frosty Alabaster Locks

For those with cool skin tones, consider trying out the stunning contrast of frosty alabaster locks. The icy white platinum hair color gives off a tranquil vibe. Use products to keep those icy tones looking fresh. This unique style is particularly eye-catching when paired with hair.

#26. Maroon Undercut with Beard Fade

Maroon Undercut with Beard Fade

Looking for a masculine option? Opt for the maroon undercut with a beard fade. The rich maroon tones seamlessly blend with skin tones and medium-textured hair. Achieve an effect by using matte clay to style the undercut. The addition of the beard fade adds a layer of sophistication.

#27. Indigo Gradient

Indigo Gradient

The galactic indigo gradient ombre is a captivating hair color option that adds an air of mystery. It complements complexions and creates a sense of depth and movement. To keep this look intact, it’s advisable to use products, especially if you have medium-textured hair. The indigo shade brings a touch of edginess that’s truly out of this world.

#28. Regal Silver Fox Curls

Regal Silver Fox Curls

For men with curly hair, the regal silver fox curls offer a stylish choice. This color option is perfect for those with a cool complexion, as it adds a regal flair to your overall appearance. The coils provide a texture that can be maintained using matte clay. The silver tones elevate your look.

#29. Mint Crew Cut

Mint Crew Cut

If you’re looking for a twist on classic men’s haircuts, the cool mint crew cut is an excellent option. It works well with complexions and stands out against any hair texture. Adding a hint of undertone can bring depth to the mint color. Achieve a finish by styling with matte clay.

#30. Sun-Kissed Bronze Ringlets

Sun Kissed Bronze Ringlets

The sun-kissed bronzed curls epitomize summer. It perfectly suits men with warm skin tones. Use styling powder to maintain your curls and enhance their texture. This color choice offers a golden hue that works well throughout the year as an attractive hair color option for men.

#31. Mocha Espresso Quiff

Mocha Espresso Quiff

For those with warm skin tones and medium-textured hair, the mocha espresso quiff is a perfect choice. This luxurious shade of brown adds depth to your hair texture, creating an inviting color for men. To achieve a matte effect, use matte clay to maintain the quiff. The faded sides add a twist to the overall style.

#32. Fiery Red and Undercut Design

Fiery Red and Undercut Design

If you’re looking to make a statement, the fiery red with an undercut design is an excellent option. This red hue adds an edge to any hair type and suits medium complexions perfectly. Enhance the style by incorporating line designs on the sides for added flair. It’s important to provide care to maintain its brightness.

#33. Beige Blonde Pompadour

Beige Blonde Pompadour

The beige-blonde pompadour offers an elegant and classic look for individuals with medium complexions. This timeless shade of blonde complements textured hair beautifully. For volume and lift, use styling powder to maintain this sophisticated style. The blonde highlights add a touch of refinement that completes the look.

#34. Embrace Adventure with Deep Purple Bowl Cut

Embrace Adventure with Deep Purple Bowl Cut

For men who have a spirit, why not try something unconventional like the deep purple bowl cut? This deep purple shade is best suited for those with medium to fair skin tones exuding an edgy vibe that sets you apart from others. Keep your color looking fresh by using shampoo regularly. The bowl cut gives a vintage vibe to the bold color.

#35. Olive Green Faux Hawk

Olive Green Faux Hawk

Men with a cool complexion can make a daring choice with the olive green faux hawk. This color adds a gritty feel to your textured hair. To keep the hawk in place, use matte clay. The olive green shade brings a contrast and a touch of military style.

#36. Stylish Ash Blonde Undercut

Stylish Ash Blonde Undercut

For those with a cool complexion, the stylish ash-blonde undercut is a contemporary classic. The ashy blonde shade adds a touch, especially on medium-textured hair. Achieve a matte finish using matte clay. Maintain the color with specialized products. This blonde shade is perfect for any season.

#37. Subtle Lavender-Textured Bob

Subtle Lavender Textured Bob

Those with a warm complexion can opt for the subtle lavender-textured bob as a whimsical choice. The muted lavender adds a dreamy quality to your hair texture. Style it using matte clay to maintain its shape and achieve a matte effect. It’s both playful and mature, making it an ideal hair color idea for men.

#38. Bold Electric Blue Mohawk

Bold Electric Blue Mohawk

Make a statement with the bold electric blue mohawk if you’re feeling daring. This vibrant blue hue stands out on any skin tone. Creates an eye-catching contrast on textured hair. Try using matte clay to achieve a defined and stylish look for your mohawk. It’s a captivating color choice for men that is bound to grab attention.

#39. Stylishly Sleek-Toasted Coconut

Stylishly Sleek Toasted Coconut

Stylish sleek-toasted coconut is a color option that complements medium skin tones. The gradient effect with darker roots transitioning to ends, adds dimension to any hair type. For maintenance, opt for a styling powder. This hair color idea brings a touch of the tropics to your appearance.

#40. Daringly Vibrant Magenta Crew Cut

Daringly Vibrant Magenta Crew Cut

A bold magenta crew cut is a color choice that suits medium skin tones exceptionally well. This vibrant shade exudes an edgy vibe, especially when paired with hair. Achieve a matte finish by using matte clay for styling purposes. Preserve the magenta hue with specialized care products designed for longevity.

#41. Elegant Platinum Silver French Crop

Elegant Platinum Silver French Crop

Platinum silver French crop offers a sophisticated look, particularly suited for individuals with gray or blonde hair. This platinum hair color adds a touch and works beautifully on medium skin tones. To style it perfectly, rely on matte clay to keep your crop in place. Adding a hint of undertone can enhance the depth of the platinum shade.

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