25 Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men Right Now

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

Buzz cuts are back in the spotlight, but this time they’re far from basic. The timeless, military-inspired look has evolved, offering a range of styles that go from ruggedly masculine to effortlessly sleek. Whether it’s the ease of maintenance or the crisp, clean lines that attract you, there’s a buzz cut to match every personality and lifestyle. Don’t just take our word for it; read on to discover the 25 best buzz cut hairstyles for men that are setting trends right now.

Buzz Cut with Blonde Highlights

Take your buzz cut to heights with some blonde highlights. This style works best for those with oval face shapes. Offers a fantastic combination of color and flair. Adding highlights to your buzz cut is an excellent way to bring depth and vibrancy. To maintain the color’s brilliance, opt for an alcohol shampoo.

#2. Military-Style Buzz Cut

Military Style Buzz Cut

The military-style buzz cut is a timeless choice, especially suited for those with square face shapes. This haircut features a skin fade that creates a disciplined look perfect for men seeking low-maintenance hairstyles. To achieve a buzz cut, simply request a high buzz from your trusted professional barber.

#3. Buzz Cut + Razor Line

Buzz Cut Razor Line

For a twist, consider adding a razor line to your buzz cut. This style works best for individuals with diamond-shaped faces. Often involves the precise use of a straight razor. The razor line adds a touch to your appearance, giving it a fresh and cool vibe. To maintain the look, regular visits to the barber may be necessary.

#4. Tapered Buzz Cut

Tapered Buzz Cut

If you have a triangle-shaped face, you might want to go for a tapered buzz cut that offers a seamless transition from the top of your head to the sides. This particular style incorporates a skin taper making it more refined compared to a buzz cut. It’s important to keep up with touch-ups to manage any stray hair and maintain the desired look. Men with thinning hair can especially benefit from this hairstyle option.

#5. Buzz Cut with Textured Top

Buzz Cut with Textured Top

For added dimension to your appearance, consider going for a buzz cut with a textured top if you have straight-front hairlines. This variation of the buzz cut provides the right amount of shine on top, which can be further enhanced with some pomade if desired. It is considered trendy and versatile for individuals of any face type.

#6. Curly Buzz Cut

Curly Buzz Cut

If you want to showcase your curls while keeping things neat, a curly buzz cut is a good choice. This style is particularly flattering for those with large faces and strong hairlines. To maintain your curls, make sure to use a clipper with a comb attachment designed for curly hair types.

#7. Buzz Cut with Low Fade

Buzz Cut with Low Fade

A buzz cut with a low fade offers a smooth transition from the top to the sides creating an elegant look. This style suits men with diamond-shaped faces well and can also enhance the appearance of thin hair by making the cut stand out. To keep it looking regular maintenance using a clipper guard is essential.

#8. Two-Tone Buzz Cut

Two Tone Buzz Cut 1

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying out the two-tone buzz cut. This daring hairstyle works best for those with oval faces, creating an eye-catching contrast that highlights your haircut beautifully. Remember to use an alcohol shampoo to maintain the vibrant colors of this unique style. It’s a choice for the man who wants to make a statement.

#9. Platinum Buzz Cut

Platinum Buzz Cut

For an attention-grabbing look that exudes modernity, opt for the platinum buzz cut. This style complements face shapes exceptionally well and adds a contemporary touch to your overall appearance. To keep your hair color vibrant, invest in high-quality products specifically designed for hair. If you want to make a statement, platinum is an excellent choice for men.

#10. Buzz Cut + Sideburn Fade

Buzz Cut Sideburn Fade

If you have an oval face, consider getting a buzz cut with faded sideburns. This combination adds depth and dimension to your hair while maintaining the buzz-cut look. To ensure the fade stays sharp, it’s recommended to visit your barber and use a straight razor for clean edges.

#11. Salt and Pepper Buzz Cut

Salt and Pepper Buzz Cut

A salt and pepper buzz-cut hairstyle is an option for men who embrace their naturally graying hair. This style works well for those with face shapes like oval faces. The blend of colors adds maturity and richness to your look. To preserve the hues, use a gentle shampoo.

#12. Buzz Cut with Geometric Patterns

Buzz Cut with Geometric Patterns

For a unique buzz cut, consider incorporating artistic geometric patterns into your hairstyle. This works best for individuals with diamond-shaped faces. Requires the expertise of a skilled barber to achieve intricate designs. To maintain the crispness of the patterns, regular touch-ups every few weeks are recommended. It’s an opportunity to showcase your creativity through your hairstyle.

#13. Forward-Swept Buzz Cut

Forward Swept Buzz Cut

A forward-swept buzz cut is a great option for guys with triangle-shaped faces who want to achieve a youthful appearance. This style involves brushing the top of your hair, creating a sense of movement. To maintain the look, use a small amount of pomade. It’s a twist on the classic buzz cut that adds a unique touch.

#14. Buzz Cut with Angular Fringe

Buzz Cut with Angular Fringe

For men with thick hair who crave an edgy style, consider trying a buzz cut with an angular fringe. This works best for those with square-shaped faces. Allows enough hair on top to let it grow out slightly. Apply an amount of pomade using your fingers to keep the fringe in place.

#15. Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

If you have a certain face shape, opting for a buzz cut with skin fade is always a classic choice. This style combines sides and back with longer hair on top for an overall fresh and clean look. Regular visits to the barber are essential to maintaining this appearance—a preferred option among men who love that well-groomed aesthetic.

#16. Buzz Cut + Line-Up

Buzz Cut Line Up

For guys with square-shaped faces, nothing beats the sharpness of a buzz cut paired with a line-up. This combination creates lines that complement square facial features exceptionally well. The lineup adds an element that complements the buzzed top, giving your appearance a clean and polished edge. To maintain this style, using a clipper guard is crucial for achieving cuts. This particular haircut is ideal for men in occupations who prefer to keep their hair well-groomed and tidy.

#17. High and Tight Buzz Cut

High and Tight Buzz Cut

The high and tight buzz cut is an excellent choice of hairstyle, especially if you have an oval-shaped face. This variation of the military-inspired buzz cut provides a disciplined look. To maintain an appearance, it’s recommended to use a straight razor for the faded sides. It’s a low-maintenance haircut that suits men with busy lifestyles.

#18. Buzz Cut with Faded Sides

Buzz Cut with Faded Sides

If you have a diamond-shaped face, opting for a buzz cut with faded sides could be the perfect match for you. The faded sides add a touch of style while maintaining the classic appeal of the buzz cut on top. Regular touch-ups are necessary to keep both the fade and top looking. Choosing a non-alcoholic shampoo will help maintain your hair’s health.

#19. Spiky Buzz Cut

Spiky Buzz Cut

For men with round faces, the spiky buzz cut offers an energetic appearance. The spikes at the top create a layer of texture, which gives a fantastic contrast with the buzzed sides. To keep the spikes intact all day long, use an amount of pomade. It’s a twist on the traditional buzz cut that is bound to attract attention.

#20. Buzz Cut with Disconnected Beard

Buzz Cut with Disconnected Beard

Men with triangle face shapes will discover that a buzz cut paired with a disconnected beard offers an eye-catching contrast. The beard adds depth to the look while keeping everything balanced with the buzzed top. To maintain your beard, consider using a clipper designed for facial hair. This style is a choice for men who desire a unique yet refined appearance.

#21. Buzz Cut + Curls on Top

Buzz Cut Curls on Top

If you have curly hair and an oval face shape, go for a buzz cut with curls on top. The curls introduce a texture while keeping the sides buzzed. This style works well for all hair types. Offers an appealing and relaxed look. To ensure defined curls, opt for a quality curling cream.

#22. Buzz Cut with High Fade

Buzz Cut with High Fade

A classic choice that complements men with diamond face shapes is the buzz cut with a high fade. This particular hairstyle involves a fade that’s higher than what is typically seen, which helps to highlight the natural characteristics of your hair. To achieve a defined edge for the high fade, it is recommended to use a straight razor. It’s important to visit your barber for touch-ups in order to maintain this style.

#23. Buzz Cut + Feathered Texture

Buzz Cut Feathered

If you have an oval-shaped face consider opting for a buzz cut with feathered textured layers. This variation of the buzz cut adds depth and dimension with its feathered layers on top, giving it a refined and attractive look. To preserve the textured appearance, applying a certain amount of pomade can be beneficial. This style works well for men with hair who are looking for something different from the usual.

#24. Asymmetrical Buzz Cut

Asymmetrical Buzz Cut

Men with diamond-shaped faces might find the asymmetrical buzz cut to be an attention-grabbing choice. The asymmetry adds a visual element that sets it apart from the traditional buzz-cut style. Regular maintenance by your professional barber will help keep this style looking fresh and distinctive. It’s a choice for those who want to make a statement.

#25. Buzz Cut with Reverse Fade

Buzz Cut with Reverse Fade

If you have an oval face shape, consider trying out the reverse fade buzz cut as an alternative take on the classic style. This variation offers a twist by incorporating a reverse fade into the traditional buzz-cut look. Regular maintenance through visits to your barber is recommended in order to keep this style sharp and distinctive. In the typical fade, the sides gradually darken towards the top, giving it a unique touch. It’s a haircut that doesn’t require upkeep but still appears well-groomed. To achieve the outcome, using a straight razor will help maintain the precision of the fade.

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