Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Putting In Hair Tinsel

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: January 9, 2024

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about hair tinsel, which has been taking over social media lately. If you didn’t know, hair tinsel gives the appearance of sparkly, fairy-like glitter in your hair. And some people are obsessed.

Let’s get started.

Choosing the Right Hair Tinsel

You might be wondering, “How can I add a sparkle to my tresses that complements my natural hair color?” Let’s break down how to choose the right hair tinsel shade.

Your hair tinsel should beautifully complement your natural hues. For blondes and redheads, gold tinsel offers a glorious shine that accentuates the warm tones in your hair. Brunettes, on the other hand, will find that silver provides that perfect spark you’re looking for.

But don’t limit yourself to gold and silver. Break out of the color rules and go for hues that express your individuality and style. Be bold with vibrant colors, or opt for a holographic effect with iridescent strands for a knockout shimmer. And just like celebs and influencers, feel free to mix and match tinsel hues for added depth and dimension.

However, remember that not all tinsel is created equal. When it comes to the ‘fairy hair’ trend, quality matters. Look for tinsel that’s thin, durable, and heat-resistant to survive styling sessions. Keep in mind the prevailing TikTok hair trends and your personal style while selecting the tinsel for that touch of playful sparkle.

Necessary Tools and Materials

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Kick-starting your DIY hair tinsel experience calls for certain essentials in your toolkit.

Firstly, the star of the show and your personal pick: the hair tinsel.

Opt between colors like gold and silver, or any color that catches your fancy. Extra long tinsel is considerate. You can trim it to match your hair length post-application. Novelty stores, salons, and online retailers will typically have the supplies you need.

Next up are the installation tools. For the slip knot method, you will need little more than your nimble fingers. However, if you’re leaning towards the microbead method, a few special tools join the roster.

Metallic or silicone microbeads are the lifeline of the microbead method. They’re inexpensive and come in various colors, so choose ones that blend well with your hair color. You’ll also need a hooking device, typically a loop or latch hook, to pull the tinsel and your hair through the microbeads.

Once the tinsel is in place, a special plier designed for hair extension is used to secure the microbeads. Check out any beauty supply shop or online retailer for a decent, affordable option.

Lastly, grab a sectioning comb and a few hair clips. These will simplify the process by allowing you to separate and secure sections of your hair while you work.

Stock up on these essentials, and you’re ready to get sparkly!

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Hair Tinsel


Slip Knot Method

Beginning with the slip knot method, the process kicks off with folding your selected strand of hair tinsel in half to create a slip knot.

Next, you’ll select a small section of your real hair. Take care to choose a section that naturally falls in line with the rest of your hair to maintain a seamless look.

Now, pull this section of hair through the opening of your slip knot, gradually tightening it until you reach your scalp. For additional security, reinforce your applied tinsel with a double knot at the roots. Repeat these steps until you achieve your desired sparkly hair strands effect.

Microbead Method

Turning to the microbead method, it starts with clipping your hair tinsel just above your hair part. It’s essential to consider your usual hair parting since the aim is to camouflage the microbeads.

Select a section of your hair around the same thickness as your tinsel strand. Using a hook, pull both your real hair and the tinsel strand through the microbead.

With the bead in place, secure it by clamping with a pair of pliers. Much like the first application process, repeat these steps to add as many glimmering hair extensions as you need for your festival hair ideas or dazzling TikTok hair trends.

Remember, the keys to successful DIY hair tinsel application, whether via slip knot or microbead methods, are patience, precision, and practice. Don’t rush; take your time to ensure each strand of hair tinsel is securely applied for the best, long-lasting results.

Styling Tips for Hair with Tinsel

tinsel hair

Adorning your hair with tinsel isn’t just about the application process; styling is another factor that makes this hair trend conspicuously charming. Loose, flowy waves work exceptionally well for showing off the hair tinsel’s sparkle effect. Using a curling iron or wand can introduce elegant spirals to your hair, creating the perfect backdrop for your glittery strands.

If you prefer an updo, try a braided or twisted style. These hairstyles intricately weave your tinsel strands within your hair, producing a delightful glimmer with every turn of your head. Remember, fairy hair isn’t just for long locks. Cropped hairstyles can also benefit from a dash of sparkle, defining layers and adding a captivating touch.

When styling your tinsel-cladded hair, the rule of thumb is to use a heat protectant. Even though hair tinsel can withstand some heat, protecting your natural hair from possible heat damage is crucial. Furthermore, limit the use of high heat tools. Think less of those 450-degree flat iron settings and more of the cooler, hair-friendly temperatures. Keeping the heat low will not only maintain the vibrancy of your tinsel but also contribute to healthier, happier hair.

Maintenance and Care for Tinsel Hair

Shimmering hair tinsel demands a certain level of care to ensure it stays radiant and secure. One key rule? Be cautious of excessive heat, an enemy to these gleaming accents.

Exposing your fairy hair to high temperatures, especially directly applied heat from styling tools, can cause the tinsel to crumple or disintegrate. When reaching for that straightener or curling iron, ensure you have a heat protectant on hand.

Not only does it shield your hair from damage, but it also grants your tinsel strands an extra level of defense. Layering your hair with a heat protection product helps preserve both your hair health and that vibrant tinsel sparkle.

Moving on, a proactive approach to care proves beneficial. Instead of waiting for tinsel to degrade, regularly inspect the state of your glitter strands.

If you notice fraying or signs of wear, it’s time to make some changes. Perhaps microbeads need tightening, or slip knots require a quick redo. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of slip knots and microbeads, always make sure they remain camouflaged at the base of the hair to ensure optimal aesthetic appeal.

Remember, a little vigilance pays off. Invest in these steps, and you’re bound to maintain that hair tinsel brilliance for weeks on end.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

It’s worth talking about some common missteps that can turn your sparkling dream into a tinsel tangle. First, resist the urge to put the hair tinsel in highly visible areas like the top layer of your hair.

Placement is key in achieving the best results. Consider applying the tinsel underneath the top layer of your hair so it peeks through subtly, enhancing your natural locks rather than overwhelming them.

Furthermore, be careful not to mishandle during application. Gentleness is your friend when applying hair tinsel. Take care not to tug or pull too hard, as this can lead to the tinsel breaking or slipping. Remember to handle with care, particularly when utilising the slip knot or microbead methods.

Messing up the knot or bead can cause the tinsel to fall out prematurely. To avoid this, ensure you’re tying the knot securely and clamping the bead tightly, without applying too much pressure that could break the tinsel.

Lastly, be cautious not to go overboard. While it can be tempting to add lots of strands for maximum sparkle, less is more. A few well-placed strands can provide just as much, if not more, impact than a full head of tinsel. Remember, this at-home hair styling trend should enhance your natural beauty, not overshadow it.

Removing Hair Tinsel Safely

Ridding your mane of the dazzling hair tinsel isn’t as complex as you might think. Done with care, you can revert to your standard hair without bringing about any harm.

For the slip knot method, the tinsel and the hair are bound together by a knot. Gently locate the knot with your fingers, and with a measured, cautious pull, loosen the knot and slide the string of tinsel downwards and off the strand of hair. This committed delicacy is to ensure you don’t break your hair in the process.

Should your tinsel have been installed using the microbead method, you’ll need your pliers once again. Pinpoint the tiny microbead gripping your tinsel and hair together. Using pliers, apply gentle pressure until the bead cracks open. This releases the hair and the tinsel from its hold. Be sure to maintain a light but firm hand to avoid pinching your scalp or breaking your hair.

Following these steps assures that you relish your fairy hair stint without any aftermath of hair damage, keeping your precious locks intact.

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