2024 Hair Trend Predictions, According To Experts

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: January 8, 2024

As we wave goodbye to the hairstyles and statements of 2023, our attention shifts towards the fresh and exciting hair trends emerging in 2024. This upcoming year promises to be a dynamic mix of innovation and reminiscence in the world of hair fashion. Anticipate groundbreaking approaches to natural hair enhancement, modern adaptations of timeless haircuts accentuating texture, and ingenious hair care advancements. The hair trends of 2024 are set to redefine traditional concepts, merging classic charm with contemporary flair, and introducing a renewed perspective on beloved hair care products.

#1. Textured Bob

Choppy Bob

Meet the textured bob, one of the standout hairstyles we’re predicting for 2024. Synonymous with low maintenance, this hairstyle is a perfect match for your autumn sweaters and earth-toned attire. The beauty of this style lies in its effortless appeal and the way it seamlessly complements those moodier hues you tend to swap for when the leaves start to change. It delivers a chic, yet cozy aesthetic that’s in tandem with the season.

Fashioned and rocked by celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Jenna Dewan, the textured bob brings a certain freshness and edginess to your overall look. Although this style appears modish, it’s actually quite versatile, pairing well with a range of fall outfits, from chunky knit sweaters to chic leather jackets.

The key to achieving this look is in the cut. Starting with a classic bob, your stylist could add layers that provide depth and movement, making your bob look more textured and voluminous. Remember, the bangs with this bob are optional and can be tailored to your face shape and personal preference.

When it comes to styling your textured bob, a good texturizing spray will be your new best friend. This product can help bring out the layers in your bob, making them look messier and more textured. Aside from this, some days you might prefer to add a few loose waves with a hair straightener or curling wand for that slightly bed-head chic look.

#2. Natural Gray Embrace

Gray Hair

For many, the embrace of natural gray hair is more than just a fashion statement or seasonal trend. It signals a nuanced shift towards age-positive beauty standards. The advent of this revolution is not only a reflection of 2024 hair trends, but also an affirmation of the collective decision to age gracefully and stylishly.

Gearing off into this new path, you might realize that the transition to natural gray is somewhat of a journey. You need patience and care to maintain it. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners specific for gray hair are fundamental. They help curb any potential yellow tint that is typically a nightmare for gray hair. Also, periodic use of blue or purple-tinted products works wonders in maintaining a cool and vibrant silver tone.

If your hair is partially gray, consider asking your stylist about color blending. This technique artfully weaves your gray with the rest of your hair, resulting in a natural and low-maintenance look. Wrapping up, remember no gray hair journey is identical, and the key is to tailor the process to your hair’s unique attributes and your personal style.

#3. Bold Hair Accessories

In 2024, bold is your golden ticket. The eye-catching hair accessories are becoming the season’s emblem of audacity. From unruly ribbons to daringly adorable bows and robust, chunky clips – they’re stylishly screaming “notice me!” as they make their intents known in this season’s hairstyles.

The advantage of these bold accessories? Versatility. Your everyday ponytail transformed into a chic statement by simply securing it with a large, lustrous bow. Perhaps think of Skai Jackson and her fashionable hair flairs. After all, elegance resides in simplicity.

Ribbons can weave magic too. A loose braid, tied off with a satin ribbon, can teleport you to a world of classic elegance. Go for a single bold shade or a mix, depending on your mood and outfit. While pastels could be the icing on your low-key days, vibrant shades are there to fuel your vivacious side.

Let’s not forget the good old chunky clips. The ’90s nostalgia brought them charity and they’re storming the Fall runways with industrial strength. Twisting your hair into an updo? You have an ally in these sturdy accomplices. Smaller in size, bigger in style – these can uplift your look with minimal effort.

All in all, daring hair accessories offer countless ways to express your style while keeping your hair chic and controlled. So, venture out and experiment with these accouterments. After all, fashion rewards the brave!

#4. Multi-Tonal Hair Colors

Auburn with Bold Cherry Accents

Dive headfirst into the magical palette of fall with multi-tonal hair colors. They’re the latest in vogue, and these stunning hues can inject your hair with depth, dimension, and a playful personality. The autumnal canvas is painted with smoky chili reds, striking deep brunettes, and shades with irresistible metallic undertones – it’s an entire spectrum waiting for you to experiment!

Consider the smoky chili red – a fiery and robust tint that’s bound to make you a stand-out this fall season. It combines the warmth of traditional fall colors with a spicy twist. The complexity of this multi-dimensional color is its charm, shifting from a bright ember in daylight to a subtle simmer under low-lit conditions.

Or perhaps, you’re intrigued by the allure of metallic undertones. These can be the game-changer, weaving an enchanting shimmery narrative throughout your hair. Be it a metallic-hued brunette for a sultry allure or a shimmering blonde for a more ethereal effect, these metallic shades can amplify your style quotient without a doubt.

So, why play it safe when you can play it stylish? Transform the monochrome into a riveting multi-tone spectacle and redefine your look this fall.

#5. Sustainable Hair Care

It’s high time attention is paid to the environmental impact of the beauty products you use. As the leaves turn and you adjust your hair care routine for 2024, consider incorporating sustainable practices. Low-maintenance hairstyles and natural colors subtly encourage this shift, but there’s more you can do.

Choose eco-friendly products, packaged responsibly in recyclable or compostable containers. Opt for brands that are transparent about their ingredients and participate in fair-trade sourcing. These products, infused with natural ingredients like Argan oil and aloe vera, not only nurture your tresses but also do less harm to the environment.

While sourcing sustainable products, don’t overlook the importance of conserving water. Aim to reduce the frequency of your wash days and consider ditching the heat styling tools frequently. Remember, air-drying your hair is not just an energy-saving method; it’s also gentler on your hair.

#6. Soft Curtain Bangs

Choppy Layered Bob with Side Bangs for Fine Hair scaled

Picture this—the leaves are turning hues of burnt orange and gold, your cozy sweaters are making their way out of storage, and you’re eyeing a hair transformation that epitomizes the spirit of fall. Say hello to soft curtain bangs, that truly are the crowning glory of 2024 hair trends. Having made waves in the beauty world, thanks to their ability to add character to any haircut while staying flattering for all face shapes and hair textures.

The real appeal of this hairstyle lies in the effortless elegance it exudes – giving you that chic allure without bidding goodbye to length. The versatility of this trend takes it a notch up. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, bobbed or waist-length, curtain bangs can work their charm. Yes, you heard that right – the curtain bangs are the perfect blend of style and ease that can fit into any hair type and length.

To style them, all you need is a round brush and a hairdryer. Direct the warm air down the hair shaft as you pull the brush through your bangs, alternating directions to create that signature ‘curtain’ sweep. Keep the rest of your hair smooth and shiny, accentuating the softness of the bangs. When it comes to maintaining them, regular trims and a nourishing hair routine to keep the bangs soft and manageable are evident.

Moving forward, let this hair trend inspire you to embrace a more whimsical and warmer look this fall, altering your style game and helping you tread into the colder months in style.

#7. Hair Wellness Routines

Hair wellness routines are taking center stage as part of the 2024 hair trends. A focus is being put on nurturing hair from root to tip. This involves the use of nourishing treatments and products such as leave-in conditioners that not only keep your strands shiny and soft but also promote healthy hair growth. Rex Jimieson, a colorist, highly recommends leave-in conditioners for their ability to provide hair with the hydration it needs while also protecting against heat and styling damage.

When thinking about hair wellness, it’s important to note that just as your body needs food, so does your hair. Nutrient-filled treatments can help overall hair health, providing locks with the necessary nutrients to support robust growth, resist breakage, and maintain a healthy gloss. For example, treatments rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids can greatly improve the texture and luster of your hair.

A nice hack to weave into your wellness routine is using a leave-in conditioner post-wash. This step can make an immediate and tangible difference by delivering continuous nourishment while keeping your locks tangle-free. Remember not to neglect your scalp in your hair wellness routine – a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. A little self-care with a scalp massage or a scalp-focused serum can go a long way in enhancing your hair’s health and natural shine.

A Leave-in conditioner can serve multiple purposes, from detangling your locks after a wash to providing a quick hydration boost on non-wash days, reducing the need for multiple products. Look for eco-friendly versions that contain essential oils, offering the dual benefits of nourishment and a mesmerizing aroma.

Embracing sustainable hair care this fall is about more than just being trendy—it’s an investment in the future of our planet while ensuring the health and vitality of your hair.

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